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Edge Says He Might Have Been Retired By Now Anyway, Discusses Best Spears

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We don't make it a habit of covering Twitter updates as "news" but given Monday is Christmas Eve and it's bound to be a slow week with WWE programming taped, Edge recently answered numerous questions from followers on Twitter. Below are some of the better questions and responses edited for clarity:

Are you still in pain following neck surgery?

I'm not in constant pain.

Thoughts on Kurt Angle:

Easily one of my favorite opponents. So good.

If you had not been injured, would you still be in WWE?

Might've been retired by now anyway.

Did Stu Hart ever stretch you on in "The Dungeon"?

No, I stayed out arm's reach, but he got Christian.

Who was the best person you ever speared?

Shawn Michaels, Jeff Hardy, Rey Mysterio and Dolph Ziggler

Edge can be followed on Twitter @edgeratedr. Make sure you follow us @wnwnews.

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