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Today is a great day to Walk With Elias as it is not just the day of Monday Night RAW in which he is member of the roster but it is also the day in which his new album WWE: Universal Truth has released! It is not really an album as it was advertised by WWE it is an EP and is labeled as such on iTunes and Spotify or wherever one streams their music. Universal Truth debuts two years after the first Elias album, WWE: Walk With Elias. Since it is an EP it has only four songs which are, Amen (I’m Going In), Street Light, Lead Me Home, and Amazing Grace. The EP is only 11 minutes long and the longest song is Lead Me Home at three minutes and thirteen seconds.

Track 1 Amen (I’m Going In)

This song leads off the album and this song seems to be about his treatment in the WWE and his character, but it is hard to tell about the treatment part considering the WWE Music Group produced the album. The verse I think refers to his WWE experience and treatment so far is;

How many times they gonna kill me?
Try to put me in the grave? (Hell no)
'Cause I'm [?] (yeah), I'm 'bout six feet
I need someone to save me, oh
I only wear my black hat (yeah)
Everywhere I go
The only time I take it off is (yeah)
When I do my show, and I said...

Seems like that he is saying he is getting buried but that he refuses to accept that fate and that is the overall theme of this leading track. The song and the whole album constantly refer to angels and God guiding him even though he is a sinner which is very generic, but the track is still catchy and a nice listen.

Track 2 Street Light

There's an angel
Watches over me
I don't know his name
And I can never see
People ask
What does this mean?
You've gotta have faith
If you truly wanna be...

Again, the verse above shows that the second track Street Light sticks to the theme of religious influenced song that centers around Elias. This song is harder to analyze than the previous song but to me I interpreted it as following the distant light in the night, and to always be hopeful. The final line in verse two, “Then I could see mountains, where I wanted to be,” I took as Elias wanting to be a man that desperately wants to be on the top and this can mean not just in life but in the WWE. 

Track 3 Lead Me Home

The gospel choir still sounds off in the background like the previous tracks and lead us to Elias breaking out in song, but the choir is more involved especially in the chorus accompanying Elias’ Lead Me’s. This song is still about him and it’s the first song of the EP that doesn’t directly mention the Lord of angels but the fact that a gospel choir helps and that I think when he asks “Won’t you lead me” he is asking God. Or maybe he is asking the Fiend! Just kidding it is God, but could you imagine an Elias, Alexa Bliss, and The Fiend faction! This song is my personal favorite of the EP.

Track 4 Amazing Grace

The melody of this final track is the exact melody of the famous song “House of the Rising Sun” whose original creator is not really known but it’s been covered by Bob Dylan Five Finger Death Punch and the most well known version of the song is by the 60’s band The Animals. The Animals version is the melody in which Amazing Grace copies or pays homage to. This song is very quick with just the Chorus followed by a verse followed by the Chorus again to close. This seems to just be a homage to a great while still centering around the theme of each song being about Elias and his journey. It also sticks with the religious theme of having the Choir still involved and mentioning God. 

Overall, it was a fun little EP, it will not win any awards, but each song was catchy and played well and Elias has a solid voice that is appropriate for a Gospel Rock like album like this. The WWE Universe seems to love it on Twitter for the most part and I must agree with them it is a fun listen and makes me wish there were a few more tracks. The EP centers around him and God and from a wrestling aspect I think it is him proclaiming to the world his music career and wrestling career is about to truly take off. Of course, that is not up to him, but many fans have been clamoring for an Elias push and an EP release would be a unique way to launch a big push. The EP’s release will most certainly be mentioned several times on RAW tonight so join our live coverage from Kevin Christopher Sullivan (Twitter handle is @HeyImKevinSully) for all updates on the show and on Elias and read my Monday Night RAW recap that will be dropped on Tuesday morning!

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