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Welcome everyone back to WNW! Tonight, WWE Elimination Chamber will be taking place in Houston, Texas. History will be made as WWE will crown their first Women’s Tag Team Champions that will be determined inside the Elimination Chamber. Join us tonight, strap in, and let’s continue to enjoy the Road to WrestleMania! 

Live From Houston, Texas

The show opened with the opening match being the Women’s Tag Team Championship Match. The rules of the match were gone over and each team made their way to the ring. 

Naomi and Carmella vs The IIconics vs Bayley and Sasha vs Nia Jax and Tamina vs Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose vs Riott Squad

The match started with Mandy Rose, Sonya Deville, Bayley and Sasha. The Boss N’ Hug Connection took early control on Rose and Deville, with Sasha hitting a cross body out on the steel structure. Moments later the two fought back and ended getting the upper hand over Bayley and Banks. They threw them against the steel, falling on the grated floor. Deville went for a kick but Banks moved out of the way and her leg hit the steel.

Out of their pods were the Riott Squad, who quickly took everyone out, and then stood toe to toe with with Deville and Rose. The teams traded strikes until both teams were on the mat. Bayley came in and hit a fury of offense, before Rose and Deville stopped her. Everyone got involved and did a suplex spot off the top rope.

The IIconics came in, quickly making covers on all the other teams, in which they everyone kicked out. They spent time on each women and then took out Bayley. They went for a two count before Banks stopped the pinfall. She tried to fight Kay and Royce but was quickly taken down by them. The duo turned their attention to Bayley as well as the other teams, clearing them out. 

Carmella and Naomi made their way out of their pods and did their fury spots. Carmella and Billie Kay had a moment in which Carmella performed a hurricanana  on the outside. All teams ended up in the ring and everyone was taken out. A couple minutes later, Royce and Kay rolled up Naomi for the first elimination of the match. 

Naomi and Carmella were Eliminated 

Jax and Tamina made their way out, and took out all teams as they tried to team up on them, besides the IIconics, who his in a pod. Jax and Tamina focused on Royce and Kay, who destroyed them, then delivered Samoan Drops to eliminate them. 

The IIconics were Eliminated 

All teams made their way inside the ring, taking out each other before Rose/Deville and Bayley/Banks were fighting once again. Jax and Tamina plouded through them as the Riott Squad climbed on top of a pod. Morgan and Logan jumped off and landed on each side of the pods on top of their opponents. 

Moments later, Jax and Tamina took out the Riott Squad with a Samoan Drop and Flying Splash for an elimination. 

The Riott Squad were Elimination

Jax stalked Bayley on the outside, who charged her but Bayley side stepped her and Jax went through the pod. Everyone else joined together to take out Tamina to eliminate the duo from the match.

Tamina and Nia Jax were Eliminated

The final teams were the ones who started and they took it to each other. Rose and Deville gained the upper hand for a split second before the paved quickened and Bayley and Banks hit a combo for a pinfall, but Rose broke it up in time. Rose climbed the chamber and onto the pod. Bayley and Sasha met her on top of the pod, then Deville tried to get up, but was taken off. Bayley was kicked off by Rose and Deville took her out. Everyone ended off the pod and Rose and Banks ended up in the ring alone. Rose hit her finisher on Banks but only had a two count. The two tried to team up, but Sasha reversed her way out. Banks got Deville in a Bank Statement, using her foot to make her submit for the win. 

Bayley and Sasha win the Women’s Championship, Surviving the Elimination Chamber 

After the match, the two stood in the ring and the crowd chanted ‘You Deserve It.’ 

Banks said she was at loss of words and did it for everyone. She said this is just the beginning of change, and they are your WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions. 

A video packed air for the Usos and Miz and Shane McMahon match. 

The Miz made his way out to the ramp, with a mic in his hand. He said he wanted to honor this match to his dad, his daughter and his wife Maryse. Maryse then made her way out. They said they had an announcement to make, and that they were having another baby. 

Shane McMahon and The Miz vs The Usos for the Smackdown Live Tag Team Championship 

Miz and Jimmy started in the ring, in which Jey tagged in quick. The pace quickened a bit and Miz and Shane gained control. Miz delivered kicks to Jey before Jimmy tagged back in, and the two took Miz down to the ground. The Usos kept Miz in their corner, tagging in and out, wearing the Miz down. Jimmy had a headlock on him, in which the Miz tried to fight back, but was hit with a closeline. Jimmy delivered the Miz’s running closeline in the corner and played to the crowd, taking too much time. Miz took our Jimmy and tagged in Shane for a hot tag. He took out both brothers, delivering snap DDT’s to them. They both ended up in opposite corners, and Shane delivered Coast to Coast on Jimmy. He climbed to the other top rope, jumping to do the other one, but was met with a super kick my Jey. Jey hit a splash off the top rope that was broken up by the Miz. Miz wanted tagged in, and Shane did so. Miz hit a springboard attack on Jey, who shocked himself. Moments later, Miz hit a DDT for a two count. Jey went to ringside, who was met with a baseball slide by Miz. Jimmy tried deliver a suicide dive on Miz but hit his brother instead. Miz but Jey up on the announce table, allowing Shane to hit a leap of faith elbow on Jey, crashing through the table. 

Back inside the ring, Miz and Jimmy fought one another, with Miz getting hit with a SuperKick. He went up for a splash but was hit with knees. Miz hit the Skull Crushinf Finale, going for the cover. Jimmy reversed the two count and held Miz down for the three count to win. 

The Usos Win The Smackdown Live Tag Team Championships 

After the match, Miz apologized to Shane, who helped him up from the outside. The two walked together, Miz showing defeat going up the aisle way heading to a Fastlane commercial. 

Backstage, Bobby Lashley and Lio Rush were backstage, being interviewed. Lio Rush went on to say they were going to be unstoppable and Finn Balor has no chance. 

Bobby Lashley and Lio Rush vs Finn Balor for the Intercontinental Championship 

Finn and Rush started first, but quickly tagged in Lashley. Lashley took down Finn, but Finn gave shots to Lashley before he rolled out of the ring. Rush hyped Lashley back up before entering the ring once agin to take out Balor. He held him in the corner before Balor quickened the pace . Rush got involved and Lashley gained control once again for a split second. Balor threw Lashley over the top rope, going for a running flip outside. Rush horn involved again, in which this time Baldo chased him on the outside. Bobby Lashley picked Balor up and drove him into the barricade. Back inside the ring, Rush tagged in and tried to take Balor for a few moments. Finn gained control but Rush tagged himself out so Lashley gained control. Rush tagged back in and performed an abdominal stretch, working the ribs of Balor. Balor stregthed out but Rush quickly got to his corner to tag in Lashley. Once again, he beat down Balor. He set up for a spear, but Rush tagged in and said he had it. He went for a splash and Finn rolled out of the way. He tried to tag in Lashley but Finn beat out both men to the outside. He flew out on both men before Rush went back in. Finn followed suit and hit the running strike, followed by the Coupe De Grace for the pin on Rush. 

Finn Balor Captured the Intercontinental Championship 

After the match, Rush tried to apologize to Lashley, who grabbed him by the throat. He let him go, only to slam him onto the mat before heading up the ramp and to the back. 

Video aired of last Monday, where Vince McMahon took out Becky Lynch of her match without Ronda Rousey, replaced with Charlotte Flair. 

Charlotte Flair made her way to the ring. She said last night she loved beating up the man. Charlotte said Becky needs the fans approval, and Charlotte gets her approval by looking in the mirror. The crowd chanted for Becky and Flair said she will be watching Rousey and Riott’s match, to see who she will face at WrestleMania. Ruby Riott made her way to the ring, followed by Ronda Rousey. 

Ronda Rousey vs Ruby Riott for the Raw Women’s Championship 

Riott quickly took Ronda down with shots but Rousey gained control, having Riott escaping the ring. Coming back into the ring, Ronda made quick work of Riott, tapping her out with the arm bar.

Ronda Rousey Retains the Raw Women’s Championship  

After the match Rousey has Charlotte come in the ring. The two stood face to face, but the crowd errupted in cheers. Becky Lynch made her way through the crowd on crutches and into the ring. Becky took her crutches and beat Charlotte down in the riddle of the ring. Becky offered Rousey to hit Charlotte with the crutch. She turned her attention to Flair but Becky destroyed Rousey with the crutch, then Flair. Rousey got cracked in the head, bleeding. Security came out and broke it up, taking Becky out through the crowd. 

Baron Corbin made his way to the ring, followed by Braun Strowman. 

Braun Strowman vs Baron Corbin in a No DQ Match 

A kendo was involved early on by Corbin, but Braun grabbed it from him. He told him he doesn’t need a kendo stick and broke it in half. Corbin went ringside followed by Braun who ran him into the barricade. He went around again, but Corbin threw a chair at him, but was caught by Strowman. He ran at him again but Corbin side stepped and Braun ran in the steel steps. Baron took it to Braun with the steps then threw him in the ring, delivering a right hand. He hit him with another right hand, having Braun lay on the ground. He went to go for a third one but got hit with a closeline. Braun hit him with a big boot, and Braun goes to ringside for a table. He put it in the ring and set it up in the corner. He picked Corbin up for a slam but Corbin reversed it. Braun gained control and delivered a slam again through the table. Drew McIntyre made his way out with a chair. Before coming to the ring, Lashley Xmas from behind and hit him with a chair. The three then beat down Braun. They set up steel steps in the ring next to each other. Braun tried to fight back but was beaten down again with a chair by Corbin. A claymore kick was hit on Braun as to tables were stacked on top of each other in the middle of the ring. Lashley stood on the steps and the three set Braun up for a powerbomb threw the double tables. Corbin covered Braun for the three count. 

Baron Corbin defeated Braun Strowmaan 

Backstage, the Miz and Shane were in the trainer room, and Miz freaked out, saying none of that should have happened and that he was better than that. Shane told him to calm down and that would be okay, and to go home and will see him Tuesday. 

Lacey Evans then made her way out to ring before a WrestleMania commercial aired. 49 days away from WrestleMania. 

Bryan was out last and told the crowd that he was first in the gauntlet and in the chamber. FICKLE. The referees then told Rowan he wasn’t allowed to stay ringside. Bryan said he doesn’t want to be called a Maytr. He said there is hope and the people need him along with the planet. He said there is hope that he will retain the WWE Championship. 

Daniel Bryan vs Jeff Hardy vs Randy Orton vs Kofi Kingston vs Samoa Joe vs AJ Styles for the WWE Championship 

Joe and Bryan started the match, and Bryan waited for some time before getting in the ring. He hit Joe with a kick before Joe hit him with a kick and put him in an ankle lock. Moments later, Bryan hit Joe with a chop, and ran away. Joe caught him and hit him with multiple chops, then put him in multiple submissions. Bryan eventually got out and took advantage, throwing Joe into a pod. Back inside the ring, the two traded more chops then a drop toe hold by Bryan. 

Kofi entered the match, taking out both men with a fast pace offense. Bryan took Kofi with a flying knee, keeping him out for a moment. Bryan got hit by another chop by Joe, but Bryan ran on top of of a pod. Kofi intervenes Joe, and then Kofi ends up up on the pod with Bryan. Bryan ran to the chamber, climbing to the side. Joe pulled him down, then Kofi followed suit, who leaped off the chamber onto both men. 

All three men entered the ring, but Joe got the advantage, hitting Bryan with a running senton, and flooring Kofi. Joe hit more chops on Bryan on the outside before AJ Styles entered. 

Styles shot down Joe and then delivered a snap ddt to Kofi and Bryan at the same time. He hit a forearm on Joe. Bryan began climbing the chamber again, but AJ hit a Phenomenal Forearm on Bryan from behind. Styles went back to the ring and went for a Styles Clash on Kofi but fought out. Moments later, Joe tried to tap Kofi out, but Kofi escaped, and AJ hit a forearm on Joe for a pinfall. 

Hardy came out next, and took it to Styles who quickly fought back. The two ended up on the top rope. Hardy got AJ across the top rope, jumping to the pod, hitting AJ with the Swanson. He got up and was hit with a running knee by Bryan for the pinfall. 

Jeff Hardy was Eliminated

Kofi, Bryan, and AJ took each other out allowing Orton to come out. Kofi took out Orton to the mat moments later. AJ went for a Phenomenal Forearm but was hit with a RKO for an elimination. 

AJ Styles was Eliminated

Soon after, Kofi hit a Troubke in Paradise on Orton for an elimination.

Randy Orton was Eliminated 

Kofi and Bryan were the final two as Bryan was shaking his head. The two traded blows, and Kofi asked for Bryan to keep hitting him. Bryan did the NO kicks but missed the final head kick to land in a SOS by Kofi for a two count. 

The crowd kept chanting for Kofi but Bryan stopped the momentum, with the running face kicks in the corner. He kept going but Kofi kept put the knees to Bryan’s chest for a two count. He set up for a Trouble in Paradise but Bryan escaped. Kingston followed him and threw Bryan into the steel multiple times. Kofi went for a running move into the pod but Bryan threw him into it. Back inside the ring, and hit the running knee on Kofi for a two count. Bryan couldn’t believe it. He started stomping Kofi in the face and went to cover for a two count. He set up for  a knee again but a Trouble in Paradise was hit for a two count. Bryan ended up having Kofi in a NO lock but hit the rope break. The two ended up on the top of a pod, Kofi slamming Bryan’s head against the glass. He went for a show a suplex, but Bryan fought it off. Kofi kicked off Bryan and tried for a big dive off the pod, and missed it. Bryan hit Kofi with the running knee for the pinfall. 

Daniel Bryan Retains the WWE Championship 

After the match, Big E and Xavier Woods came to the ring, to help Kofi to the back. The crowd chanted for Kofi as the show closed (e). 

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