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Women’s Tag Team Elimination Chamber championship match

Grade: A+

Reasoning: This was a great way to start the night off with such an entertaining match. Naomi and Carmella looked great as a team in this match, which was very pleasant to see. The Riot Squad had an excellent high-flying spot in the match off the top of one of the pods. Nia Jax going through the pod and then having everyone team up on Tamina and have all of them pin her together was the perfect way to put over a team but still have them lose. Sonya was the highlight of this match for me! Great teamwork by Sasha and Bayley AND Sonya and Mandy. I thought it was a great booking move and show of faith to have the 4 women who opened the match, close the match. This match was stellar and kept fans on the edge of their seat from start to finish. It speaks volumes about the quality of talent in the match because any of the teams could have won and it wouldn’t have come as a surprise. Congratulations to Sasha and Bayley on becoming the first ever WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions well deserved by both! The “You Deserve It” chants after the match were the icing on the cake.

The Miz and Shane McMahon (c) vs. The Usos Smackdown Tag Team Championship match

Grade: B+

Reasoning: The ending of this match might shock people, but like Zack noted in Ask WNW last week, the last time an Uso (Jimmy) was arrested it didn’t affect them at all. In fact, they retained their titles in a 2 out of 3 falls match in a clean sweep. The match was carried mostly by Shane with his big risk moves. Shane once again shows he’s still got it, even at his age. Miz gets pinned after hitting the Skull Crushing Finale but ended up rolled up after connecting. This wasn’t a standard Usos match looked very slow, but they are still the best tag team in the WWE. Also, a side note, I think Shane will be the one that turns heel on Miz for costing them the Tag Titles, setting up a match at WrestleMania between the two.

Handicap match for the Intercontinental Championship Bobby Lashley (c) and Lio Rush vs. Finn Balor

Grade: B+

Reasoning: This grade doesn’t have to do with the match more so but everything that happened after it. The match itself had a C- grade. Bobby is very bland in the ring and very slow moving most of the time. He used to be very good in the ring when he had the ECW World Title on him, but that was 10 years ago. It seems like his all his opponents carry the matches now. “AIR BALOR” the airtime Finn had when he was hitting the Coupe de Grace on Lio Rush to win the Intercontinental Championship was like Jordan dunking from the free throw line in the dunk contest. Lio being attacked by Bobby after the match was over is great! Lio could do so many things on his own he doesn’t need Bobby Lashley at all. Lashley needs Lio because he was the one who kept him from being bland and boring. Balor also getting a run as Intercontinental Champion is hopefully Vince’s way of testing the waters for a future Universal/WWE Championship run.

Ronda Rousey (c) Vs Ruby Riot Raw Women’s Championship match

Grade: C+

Reasoning: Now we know why WWE put very little effort into building this match AT ALL. Ruby was fed to Rousey and got squashed hard. In fact, the only reason this match even was on the card at all was so they could do the post-match segment with Charlotte and Becky. Charlotte plays the role of the heel so well as she cut another promo before the match started. Becky Lynch from the crowd comes in with 2 crutches and attacked Charlotte with one of the 2 crutches bending it and Ronda picks the other one up looking as if she’s trying to decide who to hit with it she chooses Charlotte. Before she has a chance Becky attacks Ronda as well with the crutch and accidentally bust Ronda’s skull open the hard way. The crowd went nuts this PPV has been surprisingly good. The man gets walked out through the crowd by security.

Baron Corbin Vs Braun Strowman in a No DQ match

Grade: D-

Reasoning: This was very predictable and I wish this was on the kick off show instead of the main card. You had to know when this became a No DQ match that it’d be in Corbin’s benefit not the other way around. Especially with the alliance that’s formed between him, Drew McIntyre and Bobby Lashley. The whole beat down of Braun when Lashley and McIntyre showed up to assist Corbin for the win was the worst thing to happen to this match. This was a cheap finish but also it felt like Strowman should have AT LEAST got some assistance from Balor who faced Lashley earlier in the night. They made Strowman look like a monster by having him continually fight back, but made it look like he might have met his match in these three.

Elimination Chamber match for the WWE Championship: Daniel Bryan(C) vs Jeff Hardy Vs Kofi Kingston Vs AJ Styles Vs Samoa Joe Vs Randy Orton

Grade: A+

Reasoning: This match was slow match to start out. Also, it was very much of a letdown seeing Samoa Joe get eliminated first without showcasing his talents in this match. After the first elimination, the pace of the match picked up. One of the bigger spots we had was Jeff Hardy doing a Swanton Bomb off the top of a pod onto styles who was laying on the top turnbuckle. This was a very risky move for Jeff because it could have ended very badly if not time and placed properly. As always, though, Hardy shows he is a big risk taker and doesn’t back down from a challenge. Hardy was immediately hit with an RKO and eliminated. Randy Orton did RKO on styles after catching him on the top rope thus eliminating him which was a great spot as well. Kofi Kingston was (to no surprise) the star of this match. For the first time since I was a kid, the WWE had me believing in a miracle that Kofi Kingston could win. Kofi went on to eliminate Randy Orton leaving him and Daniel Bryan as the final two in the chamber. OH MAN! If we get a WrestleMania match of Kofi Kingston Vs Daniel Bryan for the WWE Championship in a ladder match that could steal the show! These two went at it for what seemed to be an eternity, but in a good way. Every second seemed to both speed by and move in slow motion simultaneously. This match fans at home and in the arena believing in Kofi. Daniel Bryan ended the match with the running knee for the second time in the match, after Kofi missed a massive leap off the top of a pod, to finish Kofi off and retain the WWE championship. This was a statement win for Bryan proving he doesn’t need any outside help since he was the first to enter the chamber match. The star of the night, though, was easily Kofi Kingston and the incredible show he put on. After the match, the New Day came out and supported him and carried Kofi up the ramp. The crowd was amazing towards the end of the match but mostly for Kofi, I hope WWE sees the organic massive reaction Kofi is getting and decide to run with it.

Final Grade for Elimination Chamber: A-

Reasoning: The matches were great, even though some people called the outcomes predictable, you have to appreciate the storytelling from these matches. The WWE finally showcased Sonya Deville more and I think we might be seeing her vs Asuka at WrestleMania for the Smackdowns Women’s Championship. You also have The Miz and Shane losing the Tag Team titles planting the seeds for a tag team breakup between the two and leading up to a match at WrestleMania. Hopefully, with that we see Shane go in as the heel and not the Miz. Becky coming out and attacking both Ronda and Charlotte with crutches was further proof that this Becky/Ronda/Charlotte storyline is obviously the most over thing in WWE right now because they didn’t even want to go one PPV without Becky showing up. Finn Balor finally getting his hands on a championship in WWE is a good sign and proof that his career is back on track. This show could have EASILY been a throw away PPV and no one would have held it against WWE. However, they blew it out of the water. Great job by WWE with this one.

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