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When Encore Airings Of Raw, Smackdown & WWE PPVs Will Be Available On WWE Network

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For those that have asked when encore airings of Raw and Smackdown will be available on the WWE Network, the answer is 30 days after their original air date on USA and SyFy. The following is from the official Network FAQ:

Yes, 2012 and 2013 replays of Raw and SmackDown are available on WWE Network's ever-growing video-on-demand library. Current episodes of RAW and SmackDown will be available on-demand 30 days after their original air date on USA and Syfy.

This isn't the case for WWE pay-per-views as they'll be made available immediately because it's programming that premieres on the WWE Network. Below is the official response from the WWE document:

All programming that premieres on WWE Network, including WWE Pay-Per-View events, immediately becomes available in WWE Network's extensive video-on-demand library.

Neither Royal Rumble 2014 nor Elimination Chamber 2014 are currently available in the video-on-demand library.

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