Entertaining Fan Sign At Wrestlemania, JR On Obnoxious Fans At Hall Of Fame Ceremony


Entertaining Wrestlemania Sign

New Jersey 101.5 features a snippet on a funny/sad sign in the crowd at Wrestlemania 29 last Sunday. A woman is shown with a sign that reads "My Cheatin Husband's in 129 Row 31 Seat 7-8 (With the home wrecker)." You can check it out at this link.

Jim Ross Targets Obnoxious Fans

Jim Ross targeted the obnoxious fans at the 2013 WWE Hall of Fame Ceremony from last weekend. Below is an excerpt:

Although I loved the WWE Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony at Madison Square Garden last Saturday night, I have to say that there were times during it that I was embarrassed to be a wrestling fan.

The loud and obnoxious yelling and taunts from some attention starved morons put a damper on the evening especially when Maria Menounos was inducting Bob Backlund. The same stereotypes that many fans detest that are unfairly, at times, hung on them from the main stream media was well deserved by a handful of tools who just had to be heard and noticed.

I wish security was stationed in the cheap seats and would quickly escort those obnoxious fans away from the event. One wold think that a 'real fan' would have more respect for the overall event than to cause so many negative disturbances. I'm all for fans cheering and having fun but off color remarks from the peanut gallery isn't warranted at an event such as the WWE Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony.

Click here to read JR's latest in its entirety.

Richard Reacts: I can see the argument on both sides here. I more than understand where JR is coming from in being respectful, however, I can also see the argument from a rowdy fan's perspective. They paid to be there and deserve the right to cheer or boo how they see fit. Now there are obviously lines that can't be crossed, such as racial/homophobic slurs but if WWE doesn't want negative crowd reactions, they should make it a closed event. I wasn't there so I don't know specifically what chant annoyed JR but I'll admit I have a soft spot for a rowdy pro wrestling crowd (see Monday's Raw).

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