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Enzo Amore Garners More Heat, Rosemary Injured, Glacier In ROH, & Much More News

Enzo Amore

Enzo Amore went to Vegas for the May/Mac fight and got even more heat from guys during the week for bragging about which stars he has been hanging out with while in LA. One worker told him to "just shut the f*ck up" while backstage this week, while I'm told another almost swung on him. Enzo is not only on endangered species list, he is to the point where other talent physically want to harm him.

Speaking of harming, Sexy Star appartently went into business for herself at TripleMania as she locked Rosemary in a cross arm breaker, Rosemary tapped, Star cranked on the arm and did not let go, and began shooting into a deeper armbar, finally letting the arm go and kicking her in the face. At this time, I'm not sure what set off Star, however this is a bad look for her and the company.

As we covered in an audio interview with Johnny Mundo a month back, the Johnny/Vampiro shoot turned into a work and Vampiro choke slammed Johnny at the show last night, setting up their match down the line.

GFW officials are also very high up on Johnny, and many, even Jim Cornette, pushed for him to win the Global Title at the tapings before going in other directions. Johnny Impact will have a significant role at Bound For Glory in November.

Mauro Ranallo was well received by wrestling and boxing fans alike, including higher ups at WWE, UFC, and Showtime.

On the recent E&C podcast with Kenny Omega, he discussed the history of how he got where he is in the buisness, but did not really touch on his contract situation, which expires midnight on Jan 5th. He did put over how much Kota Ibushi has meant to him in the buisness and his desire to work with him.

Glacier appeared at an ROH show over the weekend.....yes, you read that correctly.

I fully expect the winner of the Mae Young Classic to become NXT Women's Champion at this point. Ember Moon losing twice to Asuka doesn't make much sense for her to be #1 contender, and for the winner of the Mae Young Classic vs. Ember to have a match for it.

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