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Enzo Amore Would Like Neville To Return To Action

205 Enzo

Current Cruiserweight Champion Enzo Amore was interviewed by The Sun and talked about working with Neville, who hasn't been seen in quite some time, and how much he would enjoy working with him again:

"Neville is one of my favorite pros in the business. He carried NXT with that title and was a tag-team champion there. Then he worked the 205 division with the hardest schedule in silence, he was working Friday, Saturday and Sunday and then Mondays and Tuesdays. When guys were catching red-eye flights from the west coast after Raw, Neville was driving on to the next town or taking an early morning flight. It's the hardest schedule in pro wrestling because you are closing out 205 [Live] at the end of the week. I hope Neville comes back and we feud. I have never seen a guy work like he does."

He also put Neville over as far as his in-ring skills are concerned:

"He might move better than anyone has ever moved in a ring – like the Dynamie Kid. I have seen him tear it up in matches that no one will ever see – absolute bangers – I would love to move around with him because that dude can dance."

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