On Wednesday night, Enzo Amore (now going by Nzo) appeared at the West Side Comedy Club in New York City. During his stand-up bit, he talked about crashing Survivor Series:

"Why did I do it? It had nothing to do with my music. I'll tell you why I did it. Because I knew for a fact that Vince McMahon would hate it more than anything in the world, but he would respect the f--k out of it. That's why I did it. Because it was about one person, and that was it. Because I proved to him that I could beat him at his own game of statistics and numbers, and this & that & the other, and I don't even work for your company. I broke no laws, I bought a ticket and with that said, I did purchase my ticket. ... $2,500. My name was on the ticket, they could've found me."

Enzo was also seen hanging around outside Madison Square Garden, where a WWE live event took place later that night. Fortunately, he didn't make another unexpected appearance.

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