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Erick Rowan Injured?, Bella Real Estate, Sheamus & Batista On TV, Paige & Big E In Japan

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- From the "it could be something, it could be nothing" department, eyewitnesses reported that Erick Rowan appeared to injure his knee at Saturday night's WWE live event in Tallahassee, Florida. I am unable to confirm any diagnosis of an injury as of press time but it's something to keep in mind ahead of the WWE Tag Team Championship match Sunday night at Battleground. We have complete live results from the show at this link.

- TMZ is reporting that Nikki Bella is currently acting as Cameron's real estate agent to find a home in Los Angeles for her and her boyfriend Vincent. You can view photos of the home at this link.

- Sheamus is scheduled to guest star on this week's episode of Royal Pains on the USA Network. The show will air on Tuesday at 9/8c. For more on the show, click here. You can also watch a commercial for the episode at this link.

- Dot com has a new article online featuring quotes from Big E and Paige talking about their first tour of Japan with WWE. Click here to read it.

- Batista will be with The Guardians of the Galaxy cast on Monday's episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live.

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