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Establishing Rules For The AEW Ranking System & How It Should Work

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Since AEW began one of the first things said from Cody and Tony Khan is that "wins and losses would matter like never before". They even went as far as to incorporate a ranking system in their company to be used as a tool to show who should be in line for a title shot. This has come under much scrutiny on social media, including myself as I never understood why someone unranked was able to challenge for the title over a ranked opponent.

How could wins and losses matter like never before when winless wrestlers were able to challenge for a title and people in the top five weren't getting those opportunities. Meaning I could be in the top five and never actually challenge for a title, while others in the company could have a losing record and get those title shots. Most of the times the challenges were done out of storyline but still it made the ranking system look invalid. 

So therefore I decided to take a shot at defining the ranking system and setting up rules on when things can happen and how much wins are worth and defining quality of win. 

Rules Of The Top 5:

Those in the Top 5 in the rankings can challenge for a title each week and must be requested by Friday of that week.

Those ranked higher (closer to 1st) will receive first right to challenge. If someone lower than them want to challenge for the same title at the same time as them than it will defer to those ranked in the better spot.

Those who are unranked cannot challenge for a title however a champion can challenge any non ranked Wrestler.

 In order for this to happen it must meet the following criteria:

Someone in the top 5 has not challenged a champion for the title .

The wrestler being challenged by the champion must have a record over .500 in the division they are challenging for the title. 

Example: Darby Allin can challenge Frankie Kazerian to a match due to Kaz being 1-0 as long as nobody from the top 5 challenge Darby that week.

If a champion loses a title they automatically fall to the fifth ranked spot and cannot challenge for a title for one month unless challenged by the champion. This allows AEW to do a rematch if desired however keeps a champion from being the top ranked competitor in the division just b/c they were once champion.

Wins value:

Pin/Submission over top 5- 10 points

DQ/Countout over top 5- 7 points

Pin/Submision over .500 record- 7 points

DQ/Countout over .500 record- 4 points

Pin/Submission over losing record- 3 points

DQ/Countout over losing record- 1 point

Each division is separated from the other division. The singles division wins and losses to not dictate who should be in the top 5 of the tag team division and vice versa.

The overall record is only to be used for historical purposes only and do not dictate the top 5. The records reset every year on the first Wednesday of January and the top 5 from the following year will remain however records will change.

However the top 5 from the prior year will start with points while the rest of the division will reset back to zero giving you even more reason to want to remain in the top 5.

#1- 10

#2- 7

#3- 5

#4- 3

#5- 1

This also gives value for each placement and desire to move up before the end of the year. In my opinion this adds legitimacy to a concept that has had no actual definition or structure.  Let me know your thoughts on this structure and if you think it would help define the AEW ranking system you can tweet me your thoughts on this @view_raw.

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