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Ok, it has been just about a month since NXT 2.0 debuted on our screens. The revamp of the former black and gold brand has been a bit of a roller coaster for long-time fans. There have been disappointments and triumphs, for some NXT 2.0 is still appointment viewing, while others have been turned off by the new set and color scheme. 

One month isn't typically enough time to really evaluate whether or not the product is successful, but one month is like a lifetime in modern professional wrestling, so it is time to see what is and isn't working on NXT 2.0. 

Good: New Talent


One expected big win for NXT 2.0 has been the massive influx of new talent. Guys like Bron Breakker, and women like Cora Jade are already making quite the impact already. 

The soft reboot has also allowed for WWE to begin to move talent from NXT to the main roster and start to build up the brand on the backs of these newer wrestlers. Sure, we still have the Tomasso Ciampas and Candice LeRaes that will serve as a veteran presence to help guide the new generation, but it really does feel like a new guard has taken over the brand. 

Other talents that sort of bridge between the two eras of the show such as Franky Monet and LA Knight seem poised to be the first major success stories of this generation and are likely who you should be on the lookout for in the coming months. 

Bad: Edgier Content 

Rollins Shit Now

Giving the show a more adult tone is totally fine. There is nothing wrong with dropping a curse here and there. Honestly, some of the most profitable eras in wrestling happened when WWE aimed their content at an adult audience. That being said, just saying balls for the sake of saying balls, or jokes about Dexter Lumis' apparently large member just feel like a distraction from what we are all here for. 

Wrestling has always been larger than life, but NXT has always been known for excellent in-ring action and sometimes childish bits get in the way of the stellar in-ring product. 

I will admit that as of right now they are still finding the right balance for their audience, but it is a slippery slope from shit and condoms to the worst parts of the attitude era. 

Too Soon To Tell: Special Episodes and TakeOvers


Yes, we are a month into NXT 2.0 but we are still missing one very important piece of the puzzle. We haven't seen a TakeOver equivalent card from NXT 2.0 yet. Halloween Havoc in just a few weeks will give us a taste of what this will be, but I am not expecting much until we get a TakeOver out of this new crew. 

One constant element of NXT throughout the years has been their ability to put on mind-blowing shows when they need to, but we don't know just what is on the table yet. I still expect the talent in NXT to be able to pull it off, but what it really comes down to is the willingness of the new backstage crew to make it happen. 

That being said, I hope they do pull off an incredible show at Halloween Havoc and I am looking forward to whatever network special they decide to tackle next! 

So there you have it! A too soon evaluation of NXT 2.0! Do you love the new look? Do you hate it? Are you waiting for a takeover to decide? Let me know by tweeting at me @robbydeshazer

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