Even More On AJ Lee/Michelle Beadle Incident At WWE Tribute To The Troops

AJ Lee

Here's the latest on the AJ Lee/Michelle Beadle incident backstage at WWE Tribute to the Troops last Wednesday. Prior to the incident, CM Punk and Beadle were friends as one source described it as a former "close" relationship. When Beadle saw Punk backstage there was an interaction in which the WWE Divas Champion was not involved in.

Shortly after that interaction, there was a incident between AJ Lee and Michelle Beadle. While I heard (and reported) Sunday that AJ approached Beadle in-character to rehearse a planned kayfabe segment, other sources were not aware of plans to film such a segment. While this does line up with what I was told that only a few people knew of intentions to do an AJ/Beadle segment, multiple sources are unaware of it's planning.

AJ confronted Beadle in front of WWE officials and got an earful. We're told AJ has been having a problem with separating her fictional character from what is real-life (something not uncommon). The WWE officials that berated AJ, while not named, were reportedly very hard on her. We're being told this is what set CM Punk off and he felt the handling was very unprofessional.

WWE is trying to sweep the entire incident under the rug and move on from it. There is no heat on CM Punk and based on the booking at WWE TLC, one can assume AJ Lee is fine going forward.

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