Even More On Owens vs. Reigns - Update On Ziggler's Challenge

Dolph Ziggler

- News broke on Friday that WWE plans to do WWE Universal Champion Kevin Owens vs. WWE United States Champion Roman Reigns in a champion versus champion match at next month’s Roadblock: The End of the Line on Dec 18, 2016. The current plan is for the match to be for the WWE Universal Championship and it’s unclear if Reigns’s United States title will also be at stake.

The match appears to be Vince McMahon’s plan to restart back on Roman Reigns at the top of the card after pulling him back over the last few months. The bout is being advertised in local markets but changes are still possible at this time.

- Don't expect to find out who will answer WWE Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler's challenge at Survivor Series until the night of the Nov. 20, 2016 pay-per-view. The plan for that angle is for Ziggler's challenger to be identified on the show itself.

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