RIP Bob Ryder

Ts & Ps to Bob Ryder's family & friends.  Bob Ryder passed away today.  Ryder was a co-founder of TNA Wrestling, worked in WCW & was also a editor on 1Wrestling.  Ryder's influence can be seen all over the wrestling landscape & lots of respects being paid to him on twitter.  RIP Bob Ryder

Jericho's Painmaker Apparel 

Chris Jericho has launched the Painmaker Apparel Collection in conjunction with Champion USA & Represent to make a line of shirts, hoodies, pants and jackets.  Painmaker Apprael will be inspired by the time that Jericho spent in Japan.



Every since RETRIBUTION made their debut, there has been highs & lows.  Most recently, they did not appear on RAW.  But they did have a prominent segment on MAIN EVENT.


Mustafa Ali, T-BAR, Mace & Slapjack joined The Mix & Morrison for an episode of MMIZ TV on MAIN EVENT.  They were not in action, but did cut a promo.  Maybe they are testing the waters with RETRIBUTION & we will see them back on the RAW stage soon.

Hurricane Helms back with the WWE

Hurricane Helms was let go by the WWE in the spring.  PW Insider reported today that Helms is back with the WWE assuming his role as producer.  PW Insider reported that Helms was backstage at Survivor Series & working at RAW.  

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