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Bully Ray on RAW TV Ratings

Bully Ray, co-host on Busted Open Radio, had a lot to say about RAW TV Ratings (ratings in general).  Dave LaGreca was telling Bully that wrestling is consumed in a totally different way in 2020, heading into 2021.  Bully disagree.

“You can talk to me until you’re blue in the face about how people watch TV differently or it’s a different time, blah, blah, blah”.-Bully on Ratings

 “If you build it? They will come.”-Bully on Ratings

“If you build your roster and people are over? They’re going to tune in” Bully Ray would continue. “I don’t care what you have to do to get eyes on your product. If you have something that the people want to see? They’re gonna tune in, no matter what.”-Bully Cont.


Bully comparing wrestlers today to those in '98

“When I compare the characters of those in ’98 to what I see today? I just don’t see any depth today. Yeah, there might be depth to one or two people, a small handful? But man I liked a bunch of talent from ’98. And not because I know these people or I worked with these people or this was my generation. No, I’m looking at it from the fans point of view. I’m looking at guys that had a multitude of personality aspects. We don’t get that today.”-Bully on today's talent

American Badass Taker Funko Pop

Funko & Amazon are brining us another Undertaker Exclusive Funko.  This time it featured Taker's American Badass look.  The funko is entitled 'Bone Yard Taker'.  Bone Yard Taker has the look that Taker had at WrestleMania 36 vs. Styles in The Boneyard match.  This last match of Taker saw a revamped American Badass ride off into the night.  The Bone Yard Taker will will ship on January 25th, 2021.

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IMPACT Wrestling to bring back the Super X Cup Tournament

Impact Wrestling’s next pay-per-view will be Genesis.  IMPACT Wrestling confirmed that they have plans to bring back the Super X Cup Tournament.

Cameron Grimes undergoes surgery

Last night on NXT, we heard that Cameron Grimes would be out 4-6 weeks.  We were not sure if it was storyline related or not.

According to PWInsider Cameron Grimes underwent surgery last week, and will be out of action for at least 4-6 weeks or he is cleared to wrestle.  As of this writing, there is not confirmation on what Grimes had surgery on.  


Stay tuned for more on this situation.

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