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USA & RAW wants Darker Content

According to TalkSport's Alex McCarthy, the USA Network is irate over the RAW Rating from this last week & they are pushing for change.  

“USA Network are furious. They want more adult content. Not sexy adult, but dark and violent adult,.”

Omega on Talk is Jericho 

Kenny Omega was on Talk is Jericho & had this to say about the fan's preconceived notion of what pro wrestling is:

“It is the empty cup analogy. You don’t arrive to a lesson with the cup half full, come with an empty cup. That way you can learn everything that we’re about to teach. A lot of people have preconceived notions about how wrestling should be. They’re judging based on what they’ve seen in the years that they’ve watched professional wrestling. People that have the open mind that come to watch these shows are the ones that are going to benefit the most out of this. The wrestlers that watch what we do, that study what we do with an open mind, they’re the ones who may take our position when we’re about ready to pack it in. But it’s the ones that feel that wrestling has to be a certain way, that wrestling has to be the way that it was done by one man, Vince McMahon, who had the empty Cup, right? He was the one who paved the way for everything.”-Kenny Omega

“If they’re not like that, man, don’t expect to change anything! Just expect to be, you know, a cog in the machine of professional wrestling. Don’t expect just to be another fan, another number that everyone counts in the big ratings war. It’s not about numbers, it’s not about being a worker ant to the queen. This is about us doing what we think we’re capable of and that’s changing the way that you watch wrestling, the way you think about wrestling, the way that you’re emotionally invested in wrestling, and also to expect the unexpected, which people haven’t been able to do for a number of years now.”-Kenny Omega

The Rock is appear on Talking Smack 

After Smackdown tonight, Talking Smack will have The Rock.

Smackdown Preview

Tonight on Smackdown

  • “The Street Profits” Montez Ford & Angelo Dawkins vs. Ziggler & Robert Roode-Smackdown Tag Title Match
  • Bianca Belair vs. Bayley.
  • Carmella’s champagne toast.
  • The first annual Sami Awards.

For an in depth preview on tonight's Smackdown, CLICK HERE

Firefly Inferno Match Poster

We heard recently about the Firefly Inferno match this weekend at TLC, well now we have a poster for the match & it is AWESOME!


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