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Matt Riddle Inks new WWE Deal 

Matt Riddle has signed a new contract extension with the WWE.  As of now, it is not certain how much longer the extension is, but the deal is $400K a year.  

WWE were hopeful that he’d sign before the calendar rolled over to 2020, and according to sources within WWE, that happened last week. Prior to the re-signing, his contract was set to expire in August after his initial contract that he signed in 2018.

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The Karate Man defeats Ethan Page

The Karate Man defeated Ethan Page earlier today & now Page has to remove all his merchandise from Played By Julian.  “The Invitation Part 2” aired earlier today & showcased the epic battle between the two men.  The confrontation lasted 8 minutes and is just a MUST Watch.

Played By Julian is the home for all Ethan Page’s merchandise.  Fans only have a few days left before all "Ethan Page" is gone.  We will have to see what comes of this in teh new year for Ethan Page.

Ric Flair on Kevin Hart's Show

The 16x World Champion, Ric Flair, appeared on the season finale of comedian Kevin Hart’s YouTube show, Cold As Balls. Hart & Flair enjoyed a nice ice bath while they talked about different topics.  This is another MUST watch.

X-Pac Wants One More Run

Sean Waltman was on this podcast recently & stated that he is cleared of Hepatitis C & is scheduled to fix his ACL issue in hopes for one final run in 2021.

"I tested positive for it when I came back to TNA. After that, I couldn't get cleared in certain states with athletic commissions, so TNA and WWE couldn't really have me in matches. I would just do little matches, nothing serious, no blood or anything. Now I'm cured, everyone. Just this year. I hadn't mentioned it publicly. It cost $100,000 for treatment. It's $1,000 a pill, one pill every day. I feel great. Some people are going, 'How come he never came back?' That's the reason. Now, that's clear. I'm going to get my knee fixed, I've had a torn ACL since the turn of this decade, like 2008 or something. I'm going to get that fixed and sometime next year, I'll put myself on the market, have a few more matches. Everyone thinks they have one more run left in them. Anywhere I run, it'd have to be a sprint."-Sean Waltman

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