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The Slammys Are Back!

The Slammys are Back & on the WWE Network 12.23.20.  Click HERE for Full Details & Vote Now. 


Congrats to Becky & Seth

Seth & Becky welcomed Roux to the world.  She announced it and posted a photo on her Instagram.  Congrats to you both.

Pat McAfee injured at War Games

Pat was sporting a neck brace on The Pat McAfee Show today.  Pat said that he had an entire body scan & is awaiting the results to find out what is broken.  He is wearing the neck brace for precautionary reasons.  McAfee cut a nice little promo at the start of his show & based on what I heard, his run is not over.  

“If you’re watching along, you might see me in a neck brace, basically. And this is not an overreaction, I’m awaiting results on tests that I got earlier today on my whole body to see what was broken and what’s not broken this morning. I couldn’t really get out of bed, couldn’t move much, couldn’t walk, & I just assumed it was a potential opportunity for my entire body to be broken after what happened last night at War Games, NXT TakeOver, where- you know - it was a hell of a match, okay? Hell of a show, by the way, from top to bottom.-Pat McAfee on War Games

“Hell of a match, my guys and I ended up losing to the scumbags that are Undisputed ERA. And I’m not happy about it, but uh - this neck brace is only for precautionary reasons at the moment. I am sitting up a little more on my seat because I should probably be sitting on a donut right now. I believe I’ll be standing a lot today, because sitting down; I already feel pain in my back, my neck, and my hip. And I only have sandals on, because I couldn’t put shoes on because I believe I broke my big toe. So, not an overreaction. This is my life now, okay? And although we did not get the W, I will let you know we did not go down without a fight. And the next time we get our hands on them, they’ll be the ones wearing the neck braces!”-Pat McAfee on War Games

Happy Overreaction Monday!

  • The Pat McAfee Show is a new weekday sports talk show that will feature McAfee’s intelligent, witty, and personal take on sports news and news makers. Listen live weekdays Noon-3PM Eastern on SIRIUS XM Channel 82.
  • You can also watch is LIVE on YouTube.

The Undertaker Getting Involved at The Performance Center

During the NXT War Games Post-Show Media Call, Triple He talked about The Undertaker helping out, even being a trainer at the Performance Center.


"Anytime Taker is involved here, anytime he has walked through these doors, everybody that's here is better for it."  "They all come out of here with a different perspective, a fresh viewpoint. You know, he's one of the most knowledgeable guys that has ever been in the business, I believe. Even myself, I learn from him every time I'm around him. He is looking now, I believe, to move into a sort of the next phase of his life."-Triple H on Taker

"We've talked a lot about it, about being here and being involved with the future, and getting more into that."  "I would like to believe he has earned taking a breath after his retirement for a moment, but we've actually just touched base in the past couple of days, and that is something coming out of the holidays that we will certainly be talking about in 2021, which is just one more reason to be excited about next year. Having him involved, I just, I can't stress enough how impactful that will be to everybody."-Triple H on Taker being a trainer at the Performance Center

Ronda Rousey on Training

Rousey has been training recently with, daughter of Roddy Piper, Teal Piper.  Ronda talked about learning a lot of the basics because she never learned them.

“I never learned the basics. They were just like ‘Fuckin’ WrestleMania, Go!'”-Ronda on never learning the basics

Check out the recent video with Ronda & Teal Piper Training Below

BTE Title Match is Set

On Being The Elite today, the number 1 contender for John Silver's BTE Title was decided on by a game of UNO.  Shawn Dean ended up winning & will challenge John Silver next week, 12.14.20.


John Silver said the BTE Title match on 12.14.20 will be decided in a "Skits" match.  In case you do not know what a "Skits" match is, it is the two wrestlers throwing Skittles at a wall.  

Watch the NEWEST BTE Below

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