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Everything You Need To Know About The First 999 Episodes Of WWE Raw; More

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- Arda Ocal sent in this link which goes to an info-graphic with full statistics on the first 999 episodes of WWE Raw. Some results may surprise you while others you may expect.

- Wrestling News World reader Craig sent in the following:

Channel 4 in the UK have just aired a documentary called "The Wrestlers: Fighting With My Family", which will be available to watch
on their 4OD online player.

The documentary focused on the Knight wrestling family, particularly the development of brother and sister Zack and Britanni who had differing success with tryouts for WWE.

Whilst WWE weren't keen on Zack (he was told to put on weight and tone up), Britanni was signed by WWE and now wrestles in FCW/NXT as

The documentary ended with the family at home in the UK watching Paige's first FCW TV match in which she actually won. Her father, with a tear in his eye said she was no longer his little girl - she is now a diva!

The documentary was a good watch for any UK based readers.

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