Everything You Need To Know About WWE HIAC, Top 10 Divas Match Of All-Time

Sasha Banks

Hell in a Cell Infographic

Wrestling News World reader Jake Shapiro of Rukkus.com sent in the following infographic with text we'll include under it:

HIAC Infographic

I wanted to highlight the Hell in a Cell match and not just the pay-per-view itself since it only began in 2009. I found it pretty crazy that there have been 30 separate HiaC matches, yet only 33 total participants. Guys like the Undertaker and Triple H have pulled a lot of weight by appearing in a combined 20 of those matches (and only two of which were against each other).

The most fun I had in creating it was looking back at the Undertaker's matches and reliving the epic throws/falls he's had in his matches. I even took the time to calculate the height of each fall he caused off the cage.

WWE's Top Divas Matches

WWE.com penned a new feature piece listing their Top 10 Divas Matches of all-time. The list is as follows:

#1 Sasha Banks vs. Bayley – NXT Women’s Championship Match; NXT: TakeOver – Brooklyn

#2 Natalya vs. Charlotte — NXT Women’s Championship Match; NXT TakeOver

#3 Lita vs. Trish Stratus – WWE Women’s Championship Match; WWE Unforgiven 2006

#4 Bayley vs. Sasha Banks — 30-Minute Iron Man NXT Women’s Championship Match; NXT TakeOver: Respect

#5 Sasha Banks vs. Becky Lynch — NXT Women’s Championship Match; NXT TakeOver: Unstoppable

#6 Charlotte vs. Sasha Banks – NXT Women’s Championship Match; NXT TakeOver: R Evolution

#7 Nikki Bella vs. Charlotte — Divas Championship Match; Night of Champions 2015

#8 Kaitlyn vs. AJ Lee – Divas Championship Match; WWE Payback 2013

#9 Brie Bella vs. Stephanie McMahon — SummerSlam 2014

#10 Paige vs. Emma – NXT Women’s Championship Match; NXT: ArRival

CLICK HERE to read the piece in its entirety.

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