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Wrestling News World Exclusive

Thomas Fenton Reports:

Wrestling News World has learned that a top management official within Impact wrestling was under internal investigation, stemming from a myriad of claims including sexual harassment within the workplace.

The Impact official, who at press time shall remain anonymous, was accused of both sexually harassing a former talent within the company. Claims that contract extension clauses were used as leverage to ensure the accusers would sign Non-Disclosure Agreements in an attempt to keep everything inhouse and quiet have surfaced. (Contract claims were admittedly dismissed by Anthem) One of the accusers/Talent involved in the situation was granted their release by the company as opposed to having their contract extended. Out of respect for this on-going delicate investigation all identities have been withheld.

A full internal investigation was to be conducted on this emerging situation over the past few weeks. When approached for comment AXSTV informed Wrestling News World that, "We do not comment on internal matters." Anthem Sports Representatives did confirm to me the following "Anthem confirms that an allegation of inappropriate behavior by a member of the Impact Wrestling executive team was made by a former talent, but not until many months after the talent had been released. These allegations played no part in the decision by Impact Wrestling to release the talent.

Once the allegation was made, Anthem engaged an external human resources consultant to conduct an investigation, who retained independent counsel for advice on the matter. An inquiry was held in consultation with the complainant and the allegations were proven to be completely without merit. The matter is closed. No disciplinary action was deemed necessary and none was taken."

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