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Exclusive Interview With Kharma - Discusses Her Favorite Match, The WWE Network, Hulk Hogan In TNA, If She Reads Dirt Sheets & More

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Former TNA and WWE star Awesome Kong, otherwise known as Kharma, spoke with this week. She talked about many different topics going on in the wrestling world today and what she is doing right now. Below is a full recap:

I'll start off by asking, are you a subscriber to the WWE Network?

I did order the WWE Network, I sure did!

Do you regularly watch NXT?

I need to catch up on NXT, as there's so much content on the Network that I like and love. But I hear NXT is hot lately, it's the place to be.

Jumping over to the TNA side of things, what were your thoughts on Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff when they came into TNA Wrestling?

Well, I was on my way out when they were entering. I was already in negotiations for leaving the company before they solidified them joining. In fact, a lot of people believe that my departure had to do with them, and it didn't. It just oddly coincided. I respect Hulk Hogan tremendously and am still a big fan and a Hulkamaniac, no doubt about it. I just wish Hogan did more outside of the show to promote the TNA product and wanted more from him with the funds that we were funneling towards him that weren't going to starving wrestlers on the roster. I just wanted more from him.

So what are your thoughts on Havok? She's the TNA Knockout's Championship and has been pushed right out of the gate. If you watched Impact Wrestling last week, she main evented the show with Gail Kim.

I think that's awesome! I think it's about time. You know, she's young and we need another monster heel on the scene who can go like that. She's going to be on the team for awhile and she's going to keep up the tradition of women's wrestling. She's going to ensure that it goes on to the next generation, I'm loving it.

If you could have any wrestler as your dream tag team partner, male or female, who would it be?

Sara Del Rey. I think her and I in the divas division would be epic, and I don't use epic often.

Some fans have asked about your encounter with Bubba The Love Sponge?

Haha, I'm so over that. I have forgiven Bubba, I have forgiven myself. I've moved on from it.

Could WWE ever have a woman as the face of the company?

Sure! Heck yeah! Women are famous everywhere. You like at Madonna, you look at Cher. I definitely think a woman could be the face of the company over the years with the right circumstances and the right storylines. It is a maze and you'd have to go through it flawlessly. But I believe there is a road that could lead to a woman being the face of the company for sure.

I'm sure you've been asked a lot this week about a possible return to WWE, or if you'll go back to TNA or Ring of Honor. What are the chances of us seeing you work for Jeff Jarrett's Global Force Wrestling?

I haven't talked to Jeff lately, but I would work with Jeff Jarrett again, I definitely would consider that. If and when he gets GFW of the ground and they reach out to me, I definitely would consider. It was a pleasure working with Jeff in TNA, it absolutely was.

What's it like working in the independent wrestling scene?

Before I got to TNA and WWE, I worked on the independent wrestling scene and it's delightful. You get to meet the stars that are breaking into the business and are up and coming like I met Havok before she got to TNA. She was working at SHINE and you know, wrestlers are all family and you meet more friends and family members when you work on the independent scene.

What has been your favorite match so far?

I've had many, but the one I'll share with you, besides the 2012 Royal Rumble, was my debut with Gail Kim. It was one of my most important matches because my mom was watching and it was the only match she saw before she passed on, so I cherish that match.

Many fans have asked if you knew what the storyline plans were before you left WWE and if you will ever come back to get revenge on The Bella Twins?

No, I didn't know what the storyline plans were, but I believe I will come back. I believe there is a great chance that I will be back. The doors are open for when for when I'm fully recovered physically. I shall return.

Do you watch Total Divas?

I watched the first season and I have the current season on my DVR so I'm letting them all tape up and I can take a day or two to watch them all back-to-back.

With that being said, what's your thoughts on the current WWE Divas Division?

I think they are doing a fantastic job and they are putting a lot of heart out there. I wish they had more time at times to execute the storylines. It's a teeter totter. If they do great work, then they are under appreciated.

Do you read the dirt sheets out there?

Not really. I used to though. Just check in and see what people are writing about and their opinions on certain matches or a show or two, because it is important to gauge and poll your fan base. At least the dirt sheets care enough to write something every week or every day, even if it is sometimes inaccurate. At least they are giving time to wrestling.

So what do you have going on with your current projects?

My current project is a Kickstarter called the Good Karma Tracker. It's a website that gives you the opportunity to see how far your good deeds can go. Say you help someone that was in need and they want to thank you, so you say no thanks necessary, just pay it forward. You then give them the Kickstarter info and they can go on the site and pledge to pass it forward. And this process goes on and on and on. That will generate some money so we can fund the actual site and start doing these good deeds. People will begin to see the effect of their good deeds and they're going to want to do more.

Kharma's Kickstarter project can be found here.

"Like" Kharma's Facebook page here.

Follow Kharma on Twitter @Kharma.

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