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Exclusive Negotiating Period Between WWE & NBC Universal Ends

The exclusive negotiating period between WWE and NBC Universal for the company's domestic television rights has ended. NBC Universal, WWE's current domestic TV partner, will have until February 14, 2014 to respond to WWE's final offer. After that, other networks will be able to submit offers.

The New York Postreported on Saturday the exclusive negotiating period ended without a deal and the pressure is on for a deal to get done in the next few days.

As we've reported several times, WWE is looking to significantly increase the amount of money they make on domestic TV licensing fees. The feeling within the company is they offer live sports programming that is in demand at a premium and they should have a lucrative deal like one of the major sports leagues.

I've been working on a story over the past week on who is interested and where Raw and Smackdown could end up. That article will run on Monday exclusively here on

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