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Extensive Health Update On Jake Roberts

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The attorney/manager of Jake Roberts has released a statement regarding the health of his client and friend. In that statement, it's clarified that Roberts did not lose consciousness on the flight from Atlanta to Las Vegas [last Wednesday] but experienced chest tightness and trouble breathing. He communicated his condition to the flight attendants on board and was transported to the hospital upon landing. He did not pass out on the aircraft.

Roberts was diagnosed with double pneumonia, causing him to have little functionality of his lungs. Tests revealed an abnormality on his brain. The initial diagnosis is that it was a result of taking bumps as a wrestler but a neurologist is conducting further tests.

As for Roberts being in and out of consciousness, he was put into a medically induced coma to treat the pneumonia but is now completely alert. Neither drugs nor alcohol had no bearing on his condition.

Roberts was recently transferred to another hospital in Las Vegas to better treat his condition.

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