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Extreme Rules Live Coverage and Results (7/15/18)

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WWE Extreme Rules 2015

Welcome everyone for tonight’s live coverage of Extreme Rules. We will witness a battle between Reigns and Lashley, AJ Styles and Rusev, Team Hell No hoping to capture tag team gold, and much more. Join us down below in the comment for discussion! 



Andrade "Cien" Almas defeated Sin Cara

SAnitY defeated The New Day in a Tables Match

That does it for the kickoff! Tonight's Extreme Rules is going to be epic. Carmella puts her Smackdown Women's Championship on the line against Asuka with James Ellsworth suspended above the ring in a shark cage! The Deleters will defend the Raw Tag Team titles against the team that has found success ever since The Miz's move to Smackdown, The B-Team. Seth Rollins looks to get the Intercontinental Championship back from Dolph Ziggler with Drew McIntyre at ringside. And speaking of ringside, Ronda Rousey will be in the crowd watching Alexa Bliss defend her title against Nia Jax. And can AJ Styles keep his WWE Championship secured against Rusev? We shall see tonight! Stay tuned and leave us comments for discussion.

RAW Tag Team Championship Match - THE DELETERS OF WORLDS (c) VS. THE B-TEAM

Matt Hardy and Bo Dallas start things off with Hardy looking to bring the fight to the challenger. Bo had to roll out of the ring to regroup. As Bo slid back into the ring, Bray wanted to tag in. Bo didn't want any part of that fight, he tags Axel in! Bray went to work on Axel. Axel turns it around and throws him into the corner but turns back around into a hard clothesline from Bray. Hardy tags back in and starts the deletion on Axel. One minor slip up causes Hardy to be on the lower side of things as Axel begins wearing him down and gets Bo Dallas back in. Embracing the 50/50 chants from the crowd, Bo Dallas goes to work on the deleter himself. He's laying waste to Hardy! Axel comes back in, looking hungrier than ever before!

Hardy tags Wyatt back in and he's bringing the fire to the challengers! Bo is the legal man for the B-Team! As Wyatt lays waste to them, he gets Hardy back in and they set up for the finisher! Axel interrupts and Wyatt knocks him off the apron. Bo pushes Hardy in Wyatt, knocking him out of the ring. He puts Hardy on the ropes and delivers the twisting DDT for the win!

WINNERS and new champions: THE B-TEAM

This victory marks the first championship Bo Dallas has won since his main roster debut and Curtis Axel's first championship since 2011.

Kurt Angle was interviewed backstage and announced that if Universal Champion Brock Lesnar doesn't show up tomorrow or agree on a title defense, he's stripping him of the title.

Up next, the leader of the Balor Club, Finn Balor, takes on "Constable" Baron Corbin.


Balor starts off using his speed to his advantage. Corbin quickly overpowers Balor and, already, starts to wear him down. Balor tries to get the energy back but Corbin is just too strong for him. As Balor went for the springboard move, Corbin gives him a forearm to lay him out. Balor kicks out at two but the Constable goes back to work with the wear down. Balor showing the fight! He jumps to the top rope, setting up for the Coup de Grace, but Corbin counters with the chokeslam knee drop for the two count. He goes to work on Balor in the corner. Balor counters and sets up for the signature. Corbin switches it back up and can't keep Balor down. As Corbin tries to deliver a powerbomb, Balor flips the script and stomps the big man. He delivers the signature in the corner and jumps up for the Coup de Grace once again! Corbin stops him and goes for the End of Days. Balor turns it into a cradle and gets the victory!


Backstage, Team Hell No! is being attacked by The Bludgeon Brothers. Harper gives Rowan the signature slap and Rowan drive the hammer into the door that was holding Kane's leg. Kane isn't looking too good as he is screaming in pure agony. Will he be set for the tag team championship match tonight? We will find out later!

The long rivalry between Asuka and Smackdown Women's Champion Carmella has been an intense one. James Ellsworth has been a pretty big part of it as well. Tonight, Ellsworth will be suspended high above the ring in a shark cage as he will be forced to watch Carmella defend her title against Asuka. That match takes place, NEXT!

Smackdown Women's Championship Match - CARMELLA (c) VS. ASUKA

Carmella and Asuka start off pretty physical! Carmella calls for Ellsworth to throw her something! He drops a chain to her. Asuka catches her red-handed and referee Chioda throws the chain out of the picture. Once again on the distraction, Carmella calls for Ellsworth to drop something else. He throws her the bottle of pepper spray from last Tuesday! And once again, Asuka catches her red-handed and knocks the bottle out of the picture. Ellsworth is trying his hardest to break out of the cage! Asuka throws Mella out and Ellsworth is free!

A piece of cloth on his jeans gets caught on the cage as he escapes and he's left dangling from the cage. Asuka focuses her attention on the No Chin Wonder and begins kicking him repeatedly! Mella sneaks in behind the challenger, pushes her into the lowered shark cage face-first and escapes Extreme Rules as champion!

WINNER and still champion: CARMELLA

You can believe that Asuka was pretty upset about the loss and another distraction from James Ellsworth. She starts beating the chin back into him as Carmella boasted about her victory, walking backstage.

Coming up next, Jeff Hardy defends his US Championship against Shinsuke Nakamura.


Before the match started, Shinsuke Nakamura gave Jeff Hardy a low blow with the ref's back turned. As the referee called for the bell to ring, Shinsuke delivered the Kinshasa for the win!


Randy Orton interrupted Shinsuke's victory and came out to stare the new champion down. He slowly turns his focus on the now former champion, stomps him and walks away, leaving Shinsuke Nakamura confused.

In recent weeks, Braun Strowman has been harassing Kevin Owens. KO has finally reached his breaking point! Tonight, they will go face-to-face with nowhere to run, nowhere to hide and only somewhere to try and escape. They face off in a steel cage match! That match takes place right now!


As the bell rang, KO went for his escape up the cage. Strowman wants an actual fight! KO finally brings a fight to the Monster in the Bank! He dodges Strowman's vicious looking running attacks and delivers his signatures. They weren't enough to keep the big fella down. KO goes to crawl out of the steel cage door but Strowman catches him. He gives KO those hands, punishing the former Universal Champion.

Strowman is throwing KO around the cage like a rag doll. He slips up and KO seems to capitalize. Strowman goes for another running attack in the corner and KO kicks him down! KO pulls out handcuffs and has him locked to the ropes! KO beats the big man down and gets caught. As KO told Strowman to "suck it" and went for the escape, Strowman breaks the cuffs! He leaps up to catch KO at the top of the cage and looks him in the eye! The big man throws KO off the top of the cage and onto the announce table!! KO's feet hit the floor!


KO hasn't moved ever since he hit the floor and Strowman's eyes haven't left him. He walks away laughing!

Ever since his return, Daniel Bryan has had championship gold on his mind. The Bludgeon Brothers costed him a shot at the WWE Championship when they attacked him during the Gauntlet Match for the #1 Contender's spot. They attacked him once again which resulted in Kane's return to help his old partner, reuniting Team Hell No! They hugged it out and this led to Paige announcing their matchup for the Smackdown Tag Team Titles at Extreme Rules. Team Hell No! looks to capture gold against The Bludgeon Brothers!

Smackdown Tag Team Championship - TEAM HELL NO! VS. THE BLUDGEON BROTHERS (c)

Daniel Bryan came to the ring without his partner. Looks like he'll be fighting for the titles by himself. He starts off against Rowan and Rowan is looking like a beast compared to Bryan. Harper tags in and, immediately, goes to the top rope. Bryan catches him with a kick at the top. He seems to have caught fire but gets thrown out of the ring. Rowan tags back in and throws Harper on top of Bryan, laying on the ringside floor. The Bludgeon Brothers are wearing Bryan down with constant tags and powerful moves.

Bryan looks to gain momentum but gets caught on the suicide dive to Rowan outside of the ring! Rowan held him and Harper went for the suicide dive. Bryan moves, sending Harper crashing into Rowan. All three men are laying outside! Kane's music hits and he's here to help his partner out! He has a boot on, walking to the ring! He tags in and brings the heat. Bryan tags back in and keeps the momentum. Rowan tags himself in with Bryan's back turned. He stops Bryan's momentum and The Bludgeon Brothers put Team Hell No! away for good.


Roman Reigns looks to protect his yard against The Dominator, Bobby Lashley. Who will become the next #1 Contender for the Universal Championship? We will find out, next!


As we can all expect, each man starts off looking for the advantage. Lashley uses his wrestling background to his advantage over Reigns. He is putting on a clinic against The Big Dog! Reigns counters and goes to work on Bob. He's wearing the former ECW Champion down. Lashley ends up on the outside of the ring and Reigns continues the assault, throwing him into the barricade. Lashley counters with a kick and wants to throw Reigns into the steps. Reigns counters and Lashley stops himself by leaping on top of the steps. Reigns knocks him off and capitalizes. He gets Lashley into the steel steps and goes to knock him off. Lashley snatches the steps from him and gets him back in the ring, looking for a big advantage. Neither man can gain one as Reigns counters once again. Lashley catches Reigns in the air for the slam for the two count. He climbs to the top for the double axe handle. Reigns flips it back around and throws Lashley outside. Lashley hit the mat pretty viciously!

Reigns feeds into the 50/50 chants, setting up for the Superman punch. Lashley catches him in the air and delivers the spinebuster. He puts Reigns up for the vertical suplex for the drastic two count. Lashley sizes Reigns up for the spear but gets caught with the Superman punch for another drastic two count! Lashley rolls out of the ring after the near fall. Reigns sets him up for the drive-by. Lashley catches Reigns and sends Reigns flying over the announce table with a belly-to-belly suplex! He slides Reigns back in the ring and climbs to the top rope. Reigns catches him with another Superman punch! He goes off the rope for a spear but Lashley catches him with one of his own to seal the deal!


Ronda Rousey is in the crowd with her family, getting ready to watch the championship match between Alexa Bliss and former Raw Women's Champ Nia Jax. That match takes place, coming up next!

Raw Women's Championship Match - NIA JAX VS. ALEXA BLISS (c) - Extreme Rules

Alexa Bliss slaps the taste of Jax and may have made a bad decision on that one. Bliss makes a run for it! Jax follows her and Mickie James is handing Bliss a boat load of weapons from under the ring. Jax takes them and throws them all in the ring. She's laying waste to the champion. Jax military presses Bliss into the trash can and Bliss ends up outside. Bliss gets back in and tries setting up a chair in the corner. Bliss starts attacking her with the trash can lid.

Jax goes shoulder first into the corner with the botched-propped steel chair. James tries handing Bliss another lid and Natalya intervenes, attacking James in the process. Bliss interrupts the attack and her and James team up on Natalya. Ronda Rousey jumps the barricade and helps her friend out. She chases Bliss around the ring after she lays James out. Bliss goes to jump the barricade and Rousey catches her. James attacked her with the kendo stick and they leave her laying there in front of her family. They slide back into the ring and use a chair to lay out Jax. Bliss delivers the DDT and retains!

WINNER by pinfall and STILL champion: ALEXA BLISS

Today is a very special Rusev Day! He looks to capture the biggest, most prestigious championship in the world! The WWE Championship! Can he defeat the face that runs the place, the champ that runs the camp, the phenomenally made Phenomenal One, AJ Styles, to capture his first WWE Championship? That match takes place now!

WWE Championship Match - RUSEV VS. AJ STYLES (c)

Rusev starts out with the muscle, showing Styles why he's the Bulgarian Brute. He's bring that power to the champion! Styles can't seem to get an edge over the #1 contender. Rusev with a couple of early pins but no success on them. Rusev, manhandling Styles, is wearing him down. They climb to the top rope with Rusev looking for the superplex. Styles escapes and kicks him to ringside.

Styles has the energy over Rusev, using that speed and stamina to his advantage. The early beatdown by Rusev appears to have taken a toll on Styles, he can barely even stand up straight. Rusev counters a calf crusher and plants Styles on the top rope. He knocks the champ to the floor mat! Rusev goes for the suicide dive, picking up the energy, and Styles gives him a forearm to stop the momentum. Styles goes for another calf crusher and Rusev counters for an Accolade. Styles counters once again but can't keep Rusev down. Styles gets him into the calf crusher but Aiden English assists Rusev with the bottom rope while the referee wasn't paying attention. The champ turns his attention to English and chases after him. English causes the diversion, running him into a belly-to-belly by Rusev out the floor mat.

Rusev slides Styles back into the ring and gives him the Machka kick for the dramatic two count! Rusev tries to keep the champ down but nothing works! He can't lock the Accolade in as that injured leg is stopping him. English removes the turnbuckle pad with everyone's backs turned. AJ gets to his feet and ends up in that corner. Rusev runs face first into the corner on the attack and Styles moves! He goes for the springboard 450 splash for the two count.

Styles kicks English through the ropes as he has had enough of him getting involved in the whole rivalry. Styles sets up for the Phenomenal Forearm and gets the win!


Ever since losing the Intercontinental Title to Ziggler, Seth Rollins has been looking to regain it back. Tonight is his chance to do so as he will see the champ in the ring in an ironman match. That match takes place next!

Intercontinental Championship Match - SETH ROLLINS VS. DOLPH ZIGGLER (c) W/ DREW McINTYRE - 30-minute Ironman Match

Both men look to get the energy going. Neither men can get the advantage over one another early. They both exchange and show pure chemistry and technically sound moves.

Seth bombs Ziggler into the corner and rolls him up for the first pinfall in this Ironman match. Ziggler uses his athleticism for an edge. Keep in mind, Drew McIntyre is at ringside. Seth Rollins has to keep an eye on him at all times. Rollins counters a roll up into a curb stomp for his second score! The score is now 2-0. Rollins sets up for another curb stomp but McIntyre attacks him, giving Rollins another score for the 3-0 lead.

McIntyre continues the beating on the former champ and has worn him down! The referee ejects McIntyre, giving Ziggler a slight advantage. He pins the challenger, making this a 3-1 match. Ziggler sets Rollins up for the kick and pins him for the 3-2 score! Ziggler gets another score off of a fameasser and this match is all even at 3-3!

Both men are showing signs of fatigue as Rollins is still recovering from the attack from McIntyre. He gets Ziggler to the outside and goes for the suicide dive. Ziggler counters with a punch before Rollins goes flying through the ropes and quickly slides in for the pin with his feet on the ropes. Ziggler is now in the lead with 4-3. It's safe to say that Ziggler has all of the energy going his way in this one. He continues to wear Rollins down, as he has his locked up in the sleeper hold in the middle of the ring. Rollins is fighting to get back in this fight. He buys himself a few seconds with the break of the hold.

Ziggler ends up back on the outside and Rollins goes for the suicide dive once again, this time he's successful! He rolls the champ back in the ring but Ziggler, wisely, rolls out through the other side of the ring. Rollins gets him back in the ring and looks to continue work on the champ. Ziggler dropkicks Rollins off the top rope, leaving the challenger crashing to the outside of the ring. Ziggler is still up by a fall and Rollins can't seem to keep him down for another score.

Rollins hits Ziggler with the King's Landing for a dramatic two count. Rollins really can't keep Ziggler down! The champ has kicked out of numerous big moves by the challenger, showing the will and desire to keep the championship. Rollins sets up for another Curb Stomp and Ziggler counters with the roll up for two. Ziggler tries to keep the energy but Rollins counters into a pin on the champ for the score! We are now tied up at 4 a piece!

With almost 2 minutes remaining, this is now a dog fight! Rollins locks him into hold after hold but the champ isn't tapping. He's keeping an eye on the clock with Ziggler trying to drag himself to the rope. Rollins let's go the hold and Ziggler makes a run for it. Rollins catches him from climbing the barricade and Ziggler slides back in the ring for a fameasser and a two count. Ziggler sets up for the Superkick but Rollins delivers his own. He goes for the Curb Stomp with less than 10 seconds remaining. Rollins crawls his way to the pin but is 5 seconds too late. The match was ruled as a draw!

As Ziggler made his way up the ramp, General Manager Kurt Angle came out to restart the match into a sudden death. As the bell rang, McIntyre ran into the crowd for the distraction to Rollins. Ziggler took advantage and delivered the Zigzag for the win! Ziggler retains the title!


Hope you all enjoyed the show! It was a nice to remember. We will see you all tomorrow for Monday Night Raw Live Coverage. Can't wait to see you all. Enjoy your Sunday night and have a wonderful week!

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