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Fan Enters The Ring At WWE NXT Live Event In England

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There was a fan incident at last night’s WWE NXT live event in Sheffield, England. During a match featuring Dash & Dawson versus Chad Gable & Jason Jordan for the NXT Tag Team Championship, a fan got into the ring and ran towards Gable. He was apprehended and ejected from the building without making physical contact.

WWE continues to struggle with fan incidents similar to this one. Just last month, Sheamuswas struck in the head by a bottle during a live event match in Huntington, WV. Roman Reigns was struck by a replica MITB briefcase at a show in Canada in August. Perhaps most troubling, Dean Ambrose was nearly attacked by a fan that appeared to be armed with a sharp object.

The company has tightened security and tried to cut down on these type of incidents but clearly, more work needs to be done to protect the safety of everyone.

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