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We are days away from AEW Revolution, a pay-per-view that is bound to give fans a lot to talk about in the coming weeks. Revolution has the potential to really set AEW on the right path to dominate for the rest of 2021. Still, I want to look beyond this weekend and look at the clear path that I think is being set up for AEW's resident cowboy. 

For many fans, Hangman Adam Page is the heir apparent to Kenny Omega's AEW World Championship. The former tag-team partners battled back at Full Gear in November of 2020, with Omega hitting the "One Winged Angel" on Hangman to secure his right to challenge then-champion Jon Moxley. Since then, Page has struggled to find his proper place in AEW without The Elite. The likes of The Dark Order and Matt Hardy have tried to persuade Page to join them, but so far, the anxious millennial cowboy still rides alone. 

This weekend could be the beginning of a new era for Adam Page, and here is exactly how I would book it. 


big money match

Starting with the biggest event on AEW's horizon, Revolution 2021, Adam Page is set to collide with Matt Hardy in a "Big Money Match." The stipulation here is that the winner of this match gets the loser's first-quarter earnings of this year. Clearly, this will be an easy win for Hangman Page, but I no doubt expect that these two will put on a good showing. 

The big money stipulation is just a setup for whatever is next for Hardy after he loses, but this match is still important for Page as it will be his first major singles match since Full Gear. So Hangman Page goes over at Revolution, which should get him some momentum going into the Spring. 

It is also important to note that I have Kenny Omega going over Jon Moxley in their "exploding barbed wire deathmatch" at Revolution. There is a number of reasons why this should happen, but the biggest is that Adam Page needs to be the one to take the belt off of Kenny. I'll keep you guys updated on his reign throughout this article, but the focus here really is on Hangman. 

The Road to Double or Nothing 

The Road to Double or Nothing

As far as we know at the moment, there is no planned PPV between Revolution and Double or Nothing, so I will be treating this period as "the road to Double or Nothing." 

The biggest thing here is that AEW needs to protect Adam Page like no other wrestler. He should be buckshot lariatting his way to the top of the card, but he also needs to be kept away from Kenny and the AEW World Championship. The question is how AEW can give Page the wins and keep him away from the world title? The answer is AEW's other title scene. 

Early on in this period, Hangman needs to declare that he is coming for the TNT Championship. While most fans see this as a mid-card title, it accomplishes two things. The first is to help elevate some of AEW's mid-carders by giving them matches with one of the company's top stars. Second, it gives Hangman several guys that he can beat that won't be buried by the loss while still raising his profile. 

All of these matches should lead to Double or Nothing, where Adam Page will face off against another one of AEW's biggest "homegrown" stars for the opportunity to face Darby Allin at Fyter Fest. 

During this time, I would also have Page turn down the chance to join the dark order once again. This will come back into play later, so just keep that in mind. 

Double or Nothing


At Double or Nothing 2021, I would have Adam Page face Sammy Guevara for a guaranteed TNT Championship shot at Fyter Fest. I know that this isn't the best spot on the card for Page, but these things take time, and the build will be worth it. Sammy is the perfect fit for this match because, like Page, he has a super high ceiling in AEW and can put on a good match with just about anyone. 

I expect to see these two put on a fantastic bout, but I would have Page go over in the end. Sammy will have his time to shine later on, but right now, Page can't take a loss at a big event like Double or Nothing. 

Some might argue that this is where Hangman and Darby Allin should have their match for the TNT Championship, but my next section will clarify why that can't happen just yet. 

Fyter Fest 2021


The build to Fyter Fest will be pretty simple. Darby and Page will trade quips back and forth and hype up the match. Page comes out and says that he has nothing against Darby, but it is all about that title. Darby says that Page is only coming for him because he is scared of Kenny. Contract signing, maybe a weigh-in, mostly standard stuff. 

The night of the match, Adam Page is attacked backstage by The Good Brothers. While he does take quite the beating, Page is medically cleared and does decide to go through with the match. 

During the match, The Good Brothers come out again but are stopped by The Dark Order. The distraction is enough to allow Darby to hit a coffin drop and get the pin on Page. These shenanigans are exactly why this match needs to happen on tv instead of pay-per-view. 

After the match, Darby and The Dark Order help Hangman get backstage. Kenny Omega and Don Callis are waiting and cracking jokes about how Page always cracks under pressure when he doesn't have Omega with him. Kenny and Page have a staredown that helps to build the tension for the match. 

 The Road to All Out and All Out

all out

I'm putting this all together as one section because it doesn't make much sense to break it up. 

After Fyter Fest, Page gives in and decides that it is time to join The Dark Order (I would suggest that he unofficially take the title of "Old No. 7," but maybe that is too on the nose). Now, as a member of Dark Order, it is time for Adam Page to focus on his old friends in the Elite. 

At All Out, I would have the team of Jonh Silver, Evil Uno, Stu Grayson, and Adam Page take on The Young Bucks and The Good Brothers in an 8-Man Tag Team Match. With the stipulation being that if The Dark Order wins, Adam Page gets a shot at Kenny and The Dark Order gets to take on The Young Bucks for the AEW Tag Team Championships.  

AEW loves to put on these massive tag matches, but this is one I'd honestly like to see happen. If I had to pick, I'd have Silver and Page pull off a tag team move to pin either Doc Gallows or Karl Anderson, securing the title shots for The Dark Order.

Full Gear

Full Gear

Between All Out and Full Gear, the tension between The Dark Order and Kenny's faction (which will have an official name by then, probably) needs to build to a massive boiling point. 

The match between Kenny Omega and Adam Page won't have any stipulation, just a singles match for The AEW World Championship. Just one year after their last meeting, Adam Page's nearly nine-month climb to the top of All Elite Wrestling will come to an end. Could I book exactly how I want to see this match go? Sure, but I think I trust Kenny and Hangman to put together the best match that they possibly can. 

For Hangman Adam Page, it was a long journey. By the time this match happens, his "Big Money Match" at Revolution will feel like a distant memory. But when that bell rings and Justin Roberts says, "Your winner AND NEW AEW World Champion, Hangman Adam Page," it will all be worth it. 

So that is how I would book Adam Page's path to the AEW World Championship. Do you have any dream matches for Page? Let me know by tweeting at me @robbydeshazer

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