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On Saturday Brodie Lee shocked AEW viewers by taking the TNT Championship off of Cody in a brutal match that had the former champion leaving Daily's Place on a stretcher. Many wrestling fans were surprised to see the former Luke Harper walk away with the TNT championship and the very quick squash match garnered some criticism but despite some backlash, AEW has a new TNT champion. 

All of this begs the question: how will AEW book their new champion and what does the future hold for The Exalted One? That is the question that I intend to answer today. 

By virtue of winning the title only a few weeks before All Out, Brodie Lee's first month as champion presents a unique challenge as the moment his reign would be building to is right in the middle of his first month. The good news is that we can use AEW's previous booking of the TNT title scene as a blueprint of sorts for how to book certain matches. 

Week 1

Mr. Brodie Lee opens the show in the ring. He welcomes the viewers as well as the live audience in attendance to AEW: Dynamite. Brodie reminds us that last week he destroyed Cody to take the title off of him, and now the reign of the exalted one is upon us. 

Lee tells the audience not to worry, he will still defend the title every week just like Cody did, in fact, he knows that his first defense is about to happen. Music hits and Lee's first opponent is revealed to be Alan Angels, aka 5 of the Dark Order. The bell rings and Silver lays down and lets Brodie Lee pin him without any resistance at all. 

Brodie Lee takes the mic and tells the audience he will see them next week as he laughs and leaves the ring. 

Week 2

Brodie Lee walks out to the ring. Commentary informs us that after the stunt that the Dark Order pulled last week Tony Khan has banned any active Dark Order members from challenging for the TNT title while Brodie Lee is champion. Brodie takes the mic and says that he will be giving an opportunity to a talent that AEW fans haven't seen a lot of. Brandon Cutler (AEW Record 0-24) comes out to the ring. Despite getting in some offense at the beginning, Lee easily dispatches of Cutler. 

As Brodie Lee is celebrating his win, Lance Archer attacks him from behind. Archer says that he hasn't gotten a chance at the TNT title since he lost the final match of the tournament at Double or Nothing and now he's going to take it at All Out. 

All Out

Lee and Archer have their match at All Out. They trade back and forth in a pretty brutal and competitive match but following interference from Jake Roberts and members of the Dark Order. Lee is able to eke out a win. 

Week 3

Brodie Lee in the ring tells us that he is finished defending his title every week. He claims that there is no one left worthy enough to challenge him. He's beaten the Murderhawk Monster Lance Archer, and he's even taken out the entire Nightmare Family. 

While Brodie is talking Dustin Rhodes appears on the video screen. He tells Lee that after what he did to Cody a few weeks back that it is time for him to defend the Rhodes family name. Next week he's coming for the TNT Championship and he will bring it back to where it belongs. Just as Dustin finishes talking QT Marshall comes and attacks Brodie Lee from behind. The two brawl at ringside, Dustin comes out to aid his tag-team partner. QT and Dustin put Lee through the ring announcer's table and leave. 

Week 4

TNT title match with Dustin Rhodes. Before the match, we see Dustin backstage with Cody and Brandi. He tells them that he will only let Cody be at ringside if he promises he won't throw in the towel for him like he did back when Dustin faced Lance Archer in the TNT Championship tournament. 

The match begins and Dustin holds his own for a while. It even looks like he might be able to win, until Brodie Lee starts brutalizing Rhodes. Lee starts taunting Cody and members of the Dark Order help Lee get in some cheap shot. Cody eventually has seen enough he takes a chair to Lee forcing a disqualification. Dustin looks at Cody with disgust and anger, Cody tries to apologize but Dustin won't listen and leaves the ring with the rest of the nightmare family. 

(I think that in the future there are two ways to go from this point. Either you set up Cody going to try and win the TNT title back from Brodie Lee or you set up a rematch between Cody and Dustin potentially at Full Gear 2020.)

So that is my fantasy booking for the first four Dynamites and All Out for the new TNT champion Brodie Lee. What do you think? Do you think Brodie Lee will have a successful reign as champion? Who do you think will take the belt off of the exalted one? Let me know by tweeting at me @robbydeshazer!  

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