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Coming up on the 1-year mark of The Fiend, Bray Wyatt's re-debut in the WWE when he attacked Finn Balor in the Summer of 2019 after months of eery, chilling vignettes featuring Bray's "friends", the puppets of Abby, The Witch, Mercy, The Buzzard, Huskus, The Pig-boy and everyone's favorite, Ramblin' Rabbit.

After his PERFECTLY-booked debut against Finn at SummerSlam, last year they seemingly shotgunned him into a Universal Title feud against Seth Rollins which culminated with The Fiend capturing the Gold at the Saudi Arabia-based, Crown Jewel PPV event, fittingly on Halloween, last year.

Even after a terribly booked feud against Rollins, The Fiend was still off and running having successful title defenses against Daniel Bryan at Survivor Series, The Miz (as his regular Bray Wyatt self, not The Fiend) at TLC and a rematch against Daniel Bryan at Royal Rumble.

And then came Super Showdown in Saudi Arabia, this past February...where the hottest character in Pro Wrestling lost his title in 3-minutes against the 53-year old, Bill Goldberg.

It sent the IWC (Internet Wrestling Community) into an absolute FRENZY. Every single person in the world was disgusted with how they seemingly killed Bray for the 2nd time in his career. People calling for him to go to AEW, some calling for Vince to finally give away the reigns of WWE...until...the next night on SmackDown happened. We were treated to one of the best shots of the year in Pro Wrestling when John Cena was in his hometown of Boston, Massachusetts addressing his pending involvement in WrestleMania 36, just 2 months later. Cena said he won't take any spotlight away from the future and then thanked the fans, left the ring, shook some hands, kissed some babies and gave one final salute atop the ramp...and HE appeared and pointed at the WrestleMania sign hanging above the ring...Cena looked at the crowd who popped HUGE when The Fiend appeared and then Cena gave his salute, accepting The Fiend's WrestleMania challenge. The Fiend was back.

Then a pandemic hit the world, no fans were allowed to be at Wrestling events for the forseeable future and that meant we wouldn't get the best entrance in Pro Wrestling history at WrestleMania 36. The Fiend was dead again...

Until, we were treated to a 15-minute match/movie/MASTERPIECE in the confines of Bray's Firefly Funhouse where he took John Cena through an alternate universe if he ever turned heel, most notably f he decided to listen to the fans and hit Bray with a chair at WrestleMania 30, 6-years prior and would've strapped the rocket to Bray's back and made him a massive superstar and for the first time in Cena's illustrious career, been the bad guy. The Fiend tortured, embarrassed and ultimately beat John Cena at WrestleMania 36.

His next step, facing his former Wyatt Family's Black Sheep, Braun Strowman. But, it would be Bray Wyatt facing Braun, not The Fiend. Braun would ultimately beat Bray at Money in The Bank, last month and we got a quick-glimpse of The Fiend at the end of the match but haven't seen Bray or HIM, since...

So, now what?

Let's take a stroll through the future of the greatest character in Pro Wrestling history, IMO and see how they can keep him fresh, unbeatable and over when he returns.

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