Female Star Not Returning For Total Divas; Pansexual British Wrestler Speaks Out

Renee Young

Female Star Not Returning For Total Divas

We have heard many stories involving the new season of Total Divas including the nixed idea of bringing in Kelly Kelly and the additions of Alexa Bliss and Nia Jax but we also have more news coming about the show via Twitter. When asked by a fan if she would be returning for the newest season, Renee Young responded that she would not but said that "the new cast will crush it."

Pansexual British Wrestler Speaks Out

Openly pansexual (meaning the love for another no matter what their sexuality or gender identity is) wrestler Jack Sexsmith recently had an interview where he talked about his acceptance and cooperation with the LGBT community as well as support from the wrestling world:

I went through my narrative with The South Pacific Power Trip and that was awesome to step up my game and not rely on my laurels, and it not just about being a pro-wrestler anymore. I think it was more about telling a story, having a political impulse behind it and channeling in to something as a talent. From that narrative I did my PROGRESS Face-to-Face interview and through that I wanted to make a point of saying – you know what, this is me and maybe I was insecure about myself as a person or wrestler. I was relying on my underhand tactics and capitalising on my opposition’s insecurities in order to be a threat. Now, whilst I still may be morally ambiguous in places, I’ve got a bit more about me, and I have a fire in my belly to represent these people. It’s truly humbling. I love wrestling, I love to wrestle, but the greatest thing I have got from being a wrestler has been getting these messages and tweets. They have been saying “Thank you for being you” and “Thank you for doing what you do.” Sometimes I just feel like a twat in a wrestling ring you know, what sort of difference can I make? But people are saying – you’re confident in yourself and you make me want to be more confident in who I am. It breaks me down inside. That’s truly next level sh*t.


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