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Cody retains against Sonny Kiss

AEW started the night off with Sonny Kiss vs. the American Nightmare Cody for the TNT Championship. While Sonny had moments where he looked strong, and this was no doubt a fantastic match, Sonny never really felt like a threat to Cody.

It's great to see AEW give people opportunities against one of the best they have to offer, putting wrestlers in the ring that haven't done anything in singles competition on Dynamite in a long time, doesn't help them of the legitimacy of the title. It's nice to see them get showcased, and it's great to see them get TV time, but Cody's title run never really felt like it was in danger at any point during this match. It was a good match, and hopefully, the first of many title opportunities to come for Sonny Kiss.

FTR defeats Lucha Bros and Gets Their Truck Back

Up next was the tag team match between FTR and the Lucha Brothers. This match was everything you would expect it to be. Not either team's best match by any means, still a great match nonetheless.

Both teams stuck to what brought them to the game, with the Lucha Bros using their highflying flips and kicks to combat FTR's mat-based ground and pound wrestling. The Lucha Brothers could afford to take the loss here; it's good to keep the newly arriving FTR team looking strong. The way they won, though, was a little odd. Dax Harwood pulled the mask off of Rey Fenix and rolled him up for the win.

After the way, the rest of the match was going, with great back and forths for both teams, having the match end on an unmasking roll up just seemed odd, and it seemed to suck the intrigue out of the match.

After the match was over, FTR started jawing with Butcher and The Blade about getting their truck back. When the camera cut to show Butcher and Blade, you could see the Young Bucks sneaking up on the duo. Butcher and Blade turned around into superkicks from the Young Bucks. The Young Bucks then took the keys off Butcher and made their way to the ring, followed by Kenny Omega. The trio joined FTR in the ring and returned the keys to the truck to FTR. Kenny then offered to drink a celebratory beer with FTR after pouring one out a few weeks back. FTR obliged for a moment and then poured their beers on the head of Omega. Leaving Omega covered in beer, as the camera faded to black.

Le Champion's Announcement

We come back from commercial break, and Le Champion Chris Jericho is making his way to the ring with an announcement. Jericho starts off talking about how he had the best match of his AEW career last week when he took on Orange Cassidy in a winning effort.

Jericho then talked about how he always wins the 18-49 demographic in the ratings war and coins himself a new term, the "Demo God."

Orange Cassidy's music then hits, and he makes his way through the crowd, or well, where the crowd would be. Jericho then started taking shots at Cassidy. Cassidy gave Jericho, and the Inner Circle a thumbs up. Then, a thumbs down, leading to Jericho and his cronies being covered in orange juice.

Jericho complained about Cassidy ruining his "$7,000 white jacket." Jericho then asked for a towel, and the person at ringside threw Jericho an Orange Cassidy towel.

This segment was okay, it did what it needed to do in keeping the rivalry alive and well. Jericho getting a little comeuppance was nice to see too, but Ortiz crappie flopping around Jericho in the orange juice was just annoying to watch.

The Elite defeats Jurassic Express

This was the match of the night, and that should surprise no one. Everyone in this match, even Marko Stunt, was made to look like a big deal. There were even a few moments where I honestly thought Marko could pick up the win. Which isn't a dig at Marko, it was just nice to see him get some moves in and look like a threat.

It can't really be a surprise, given the names involved that this was the best match of the night. There's a reason Kenny Omega is known as the best bout machine, it's because every match he's in has the potential to be the best one of the night. This was no different. Every man knew his role and played it perfectly.

The bigger story coming out of the match is Kenny attacking Marko after the match was over. It seemed to come out of nowhere, but it fit a theme going on throughout the show with The Elite. Cody had some heelish moments in his match against Sonny Kiss to open the show, and now Kenny attacked Marko. The Young Bucks quickly pulled Kenny off Marko and seemed to admonish him for his actions. Kenny didn't seem to apologize for them either.

During the match, Adam Page was shown backstage enjoying a drink, and being joined by FTR. Throughout the pairing of Kenny and Adam, everyone figured that Adam would be the one to turn heel on Kenny, things may not turn out that way. I've said before that AEW has a problem with having to small a number of heels at the top of the card, and Omega has shown in his time in NJPW that he can be a dastardly heel. Which may be the exact same role AEW needs him to play.

Nightmare Sisters defeat Kenzi Page and MJ Jenkins

The Nightmare Sisters, Brandi Rhodes, and Allie took on Kenzie Page and MJ Jenkins in a quick match. There's not much more I can say about it.

I don't really understand what AEW is trying to do with Brandi. I'm not sure if they are using her because they don't have any other options in the Women's division with most of their Women out either due to injury or due to COVID-19. But they've tried this before, and it didn't work then. Some people have it in the ring, and some don't, and Brandi is one of the latter. From what I've seen so far, she could surprise me, but I'm not holding my breath.

She's a good manager, maybe not the best on the mic, but as far as being outside the ring, and being able to play her role to perfection, shes one of the best AEW has. For some reason, though, AEW doesn't want to use her that way. I understand Cody has Arn, and it's hard to pair her with anyone else, but AEW needs to find something else for her to do. Maybe take her off-screen for a little while, and see what they can figure out. But this pairing with Allie isn't working.

Nyla Rose Reveals Her New Manager

From a pairing I'm not crazy about, to a pairing I love. Nyla Rose and Vickie Guerrero could be the best manager and wrestler talent in AEW. Vickie was always at her best in WWE when she got to work alongside someone. When her evil workings were to the benefit of someone else. She can do the same thing for Nyla Rose. What's better is Nyla can be believable in backing it up and delivering.

Did Nyla need a mouthpiece? Nope. Am I glad she has one? Yes. No one on the AEW roster, especially in their Women's division, is better suited to have a mouthpiece than Nyla. She is the epitome of the strong and silent type. She doesn't need to do any talking. Have someone else talk for her, and let her actions do the rest of the talking.

Also, Vickie has reached peak "Karen" status with that haircut. And her music is incredible.

Jon Moxley retains against Brian Cage

Jon Moxley has a set wrestling style, and it's insane street fight style matches. The hectic moments they bring out are where he thrives, and those need to be the style of matches he fights in. Not that he's not good in regular wrestling matches, just that he seems to try more, and care more when weapons get involved and can be used properly. In normal matches where there are rules, those rules hold him back, and it shows.

Mox is a good champion and deserves to hold the title for a while longer, preferably until Omega or Page can dethrone him. MJF isn't ready yet.

All of that being said, the way he won this match was weird. Taz threw in the towel as Mox worked over Cage's arm. It makes sense in the way AEW framed it through their commentary team, in that Taz is just trying to protect his investment, knowing that Cage wouldn't tap, and Mox would only injure Cage, causing him to miss more time.

But, now, where does AEW go with Cage from here? We saw what happened to Lance Archer after losing his first title shot to Cody for the TNT Championship. He's been virtually nonexistent since losing. Sure, Darby Allin returned after the match and attacked Cage, setting up a feud for the two of them, but Cage needs to run through Allin to regain what he lost in this moment with Mox. And Cage running through Darby does no one any favors. It will make Allin look weak, and while making Cage look strong, it won't help him with the fans. I know he's supposed to be a heel, but today's fans are too smart to fall into that. The fans love Darby, with many of them seeing him as the next Jeff Hardy, the perpetual, lovable, risk-taking babyface.

While Allin and Cage will undoubtedly be a great program for the two of them, AEW will have to be very smart with how they book it, so the fans are happy, and both men look strong.

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