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Fight Like A Girl Recap featuring Sasha Banks, Bella Twins, and Becky Lynch

WWE’s newest series has premiered today. It is available exclusively on Quibi. Each episode is 6 minutes. The show’s description is that it will be ten women paired with WWE Superstars. Together they find the strength, courage, and ability to transform themselves both on the inside and out. There will be new episodes weekday. I will be recapping them all but let’s start with the first three that were released all in one day.

In the introduction package for the series and in the commercials WWE and Quibi have shared, we see the female superstars say that being a WWE superstar is a mindset, it’s about confidence, focus, inner strength, and each superstar is partnered with a woman who is ready to transform themselves. It will be a ten-week journey and it is stated that these women are NOT training to be wrestlers but instead, they are here to push themselves, refocus their energy and find the inner confidence they need to begin a new chapter of their lives.

Episode 1: Sasha Banks and Caprice

Caprice Alexis is partnered with Sasha Banks. Caprice’s goal is to create a loving relationship after dealing with abandonment in her childhood. Sasha Banks can relate to Caprice because she herself suffered abandonment. Together they talk about abandonment issues, finding inner confidence, and self-love. Once in training, Caprice says she has definitely gotten stronger physically, mentally and emotionally. She has learned self-control and self-confidence and focuses on what she can control. Once reveal day hits Caprice says that the journey has been crazy but she has truly learned to self-nurture. Caprice is surprised by her ex-husband and she appreciates him showing up and seeing her shine. During the sendoff with Stephanie McMahon, Caprice says that she appreciates learning what consistency can do.

Episode 2: The Bella Twins and Carly

Carly Cimino is partnered with The Bella Twins. Her mom died after she graduated college and her dad moved shortly after. She says that she has been adrift after her anchor, her mom passed away. Brie Bella says that they are more than happy to be Carly’s support and to fire her up to get her to move forward. Brie says that working out not only conditions your body but also your mind. Nikki relates it to detoxing it to you emotionally. Brie says she will find her inner strong woman throughout these ten weeks. Once in training, Carly says working out is growing on her but it did not come quick. Once reveal day hits Carly is surprised by seeing her dad in the audience. Carly didn’t realize how depressed she was and that she will open up in the future and be more vulnerable. Carly’s dad cries and apologizes to Carly for how he reacted and tells her how much he loves her. During the sendoff with Stephanie McMahon, Carly says that she hasn’t felt this good in a while and that she is thankful to be connected to her Dad and for this experience forcing her to face everything.

Episode 3: Becky Lynch and Rachel

Rachel Patti is partnered with Becky Lynch. Rachel reveals that her past is one filled with addiction and self-confidence issues. She has battled being overweight since she was a child and she almost died twice after accidental overdoses. Becky Lynch relates to her and is there to help her find self-love. Becky says that finding confidence isn’t something that happens overnight. But rather when you continue to take small steps you build up your confidence until one day you can’t recognize how much have you grown. Rachel hasn’t forgiven herself for the guilt of bullying people after she was bullied. Becky relates to that and says her own guilt held her back but once she dealt with it she stepped in to and created The Man persona. Rachel wants her mom and her fiance to see the positive change. Becky then mentions how Rachel really has to continue pushing in and that she has the strength in her physically but she is struggling mentally. When you train your mind, your body will then go where your mind tells it to. Once in training, Rachel reveals that working out for her is now an emotional high. She now really enjoys it and is tired and does miss loved ones but she won’t let fear hold her back. Once reveal day hits, Becky mentions how much confidence Rachel exudes during her entrance. Rachel says that she has now learned how to move forward after life hits you. She is now undefinable, undeniable and unstoppable! Her fiance is there and is so proud of her! During the sendoff with Stephanie McMahon, Rachel mentions how her 30-pound weight loss truly has helped her find confidence and self-love.

Thank you for tuning in with me. I will be back every weekday to recap every new episode. Make sure to follow the site on Twitter @wnwnews and you can find me @undisputedeva. Talk to y’all soon as I do the live coverage for Monday Night Raw. 

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