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Finn Balor Visits Tottenham Hotspur On WWE NXT Tour

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Finn Balor

WWE NXT Champion Finn Balor visited the grounds of Tottenham Hotspur when NXT was touring the United Kingdom. Dot com picked up on it and posted an article with some quotes.

“Being a Spurs fan, it was awesome to pay the team a visit at their training ground, and see how they prepare for those tough games in the Premier League,” said the NXT Champion. “It was really impressive, and I enjoyed being able to trade training stories and ideas with Kyle Walker.”

“…All I really want now is to set up Astroturf and a goal at the WWE Performance Center, so we can get some games going,” Bálor joked. “With Hugo Knox being a former professional goalkeeper, maybe we could put an NXT team into a Florida league. You never know."

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