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Last Saturday, Chris Jericho came out to the AEW stage to confront Orange Cassidy and challenge him to what he dubbed a "Mimosa Mayhem Match". Honestly as dumb as it sounds the idea makes a lot of sense. The AEW version of Chris Jericho loves a little bit of the bubbly and "Freshly Squeezed" Orange Cassidy is very much associated with orange juice, put those two together and you really do have a mimosa of mayhem. The match itself could either be a lot of fun to watch or a huge mess, but that is either here or there. 

Jericho also took the time to remind the viewers at home that he is responsible for creating not just the new Mimosa Mayhem Match but also the much more well-received Money in the Bank ladder match, and this got me thinking. How can Chris Jericho combine his love of a little bit of the bubbly with his penchant for creating new matches? So here we go, presented in no particular order, for your consideration are five new beverage based matches for Chris Jericho to invent. 

Yes, I know this list is gonna be silly, but come on wrestling is silly! Let's have some fun and dive right into these. 

The Bourbon vs. Bubbly Match (with Hangman Adam Page) 

Hangman Page

This one seems like a no brainer to me. One of the other AEW stars known to love an adult beverage just as much as Jericho is current AEW tag-team champion Hangman Adam Page. After a short program between the two, Chris Jericho will propose this match to settle their differences once and for all. 

The match itself would be a combination of the already existing "Mimosa Mayhem Match" and a variation on an ironman match. On either side of the ring, there will be a vat of either champaign or bourbon. Throughout the course of the 30-minute match a wrestler can add a point to their score by either pinfall, submission, or throwing their opponent into one of the vats of beverage. 

Yes, it is a silly idea, but all of these are silly so strap in. 

A TLK (Tables, Ladders, and Kegs) match. (Against #FTR) 


Since their arrival on AEW, the tag team of Cash Wheeler and Dax Harwood known as FTR has been seen drinking their fair share of beers on screen. I think this leads to a perfect opportunity for some beer-based matches here. Jericho would of course need a partner to compete against FTR, but I assume he will take one of his Inner Circle friends with him, either Jake Hager or Sammy Guevara.

The match itself would have a keg suspended over the ring. The object is to get the keg down and be the first person to drink from it. Sure, it's practically a "keg on a pole" match but the added tables and ladders give it a hardcore edge that could surely lead to some interesting spots. I'm not saying that all of these are good ideas, but they are all ideas. 

A Milk vs. Bubbly Match (with Kenny Omega) 


Kenny Omega takes the opposite approach to drinking as his tag-team partner. Omega is probably the most famous "straight edge" wrestler since CM Punk meaning that he does not partake in any alcohol or drugs. So the set up for this would include Jericho trying to tempt Kenny into drinking with Kenny constantly refusing. 

The match itself can only end if you force your opponent to drink your drink of choice. So, Jericho would be trying to force Kenny to drink a little bit of the bubbly while Kenny would be trying to force Jericho to drink some milk. It's simple and it's probably the least likely to happen, but it is what it is. 

The Bottle Royale 


This one is done mostly for the pun, but I like the idea. For whatever reason, The Inner Circle has an opening that they want to fill within their ranks and Jericho decides that the only way to fill it is to have the first-ever "Bottle Royale". 

The bottle royal is pretty much a standard contract ladder match. But the contract is inside a comically large champaign bottle suspended over the ring. I really only think this would be fun because you would get to see some underutilized heels in the company fighting it out for the contract. I just had to come up with a beverage-related pun in order to get this on my list. I think of all of the matches on this list we should see something like this happen on AEW. 

VIP Room Ruckus with Private Party


 Private Party have recently become one of my favorite teams to watch on AEW. They are a lot of fun in the ring and their partnership with Matt Hardy has been one of the highlights of the summer. Private Party is a team that also enjoys a little bottle service every now and then, so having them face off in a VIP Room Ruckus would be a smart pairing. 

A VIP Room Ruckus would essentially be a hardcore match inside of the VIP section of a club or at least make the ring out to look like the VIP section of a club. I think there is a lot of potential here for a stellar match with some creative spots. I also think that while in TLK match Jericho could choose between either Jake Hager or Sammy Guevara as his partner I really do think that this would be a perfect match to feature Sammy in. 

So what do you think? Should Jericho "invent" any of these matches, or should he just stick to a dry mat? Let me know by tweeting at me @robbydeshazer!

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