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A lot happened at All Elite Wrestling's All Out Pay Per View this past weekend, some of it good, some of it bad. But despite the flaws, the pacing issues, and the flat out bad calls most fans would agree that AEW Women's World Champion, Hikaru Shida's match against NWA World Women's Champion Thunder Rosa. The match up saw two of the best women's wrestlers taking on each other in a hard-hitting match that saved the show in the eyes of many viewers, myself included. In the build to the match, one thing struck me as odd and that was NWA's willingness to play ball with AEW. In a world dominated by WWE, seeing two promotions even acknowledge each other is unheard of, much less working together as closely AEW and NWA did. 

This got me thinking. "What other wrestlers from NWA could crossover with AEW for a short period of time?" So here, in no particular order are five NWA wrestlers who I think deserve a short run on AEW. 



One of the breakout stars of AEW this Summer was Eddie Kingston. People who were not familiar with "The Mad King"'s skills on the mic were impressed at his promo work in his debut challenging Cody for the TNT Championship. Those who only recently became aware of Kingston might not know about his short term partnership with TNA and Ring of Honor star Homicide. 

Homicide has an impressive resume, having worked in the business since the '90s, Homicide has held multiple single's belts and tag belts including the TNA X-Division title, and the Ring of Honor World Championship. 

In his AEW run, Homicide could show up to confront either Kingston, who he thinks left him behind to chase a paycheck or Santana and Ortiz who were members of the LAX stable with him on Impact. Homicide also has a memorable feud with Colt Cabana in his past, but I doubt Colt is going to be his target (mostly because of Cabana's current story position). 

Eli Drake and James Storm 

Eli Drake and James Storm

Current NWA World Tag-Team Champions Eli Drake and James Storm are next up for one real reason. I want to see these guys take on FTR. That's it. 

The story could be booked exactly the same as the Thunder Rosa - Shida story, I don't really care. I just want to see Dax Harwood, Cash Wheeler, Eli Drake, and James Storm in the ring beating the hell out of each other. Sometimes wrestling really is that simple. 

Nick Aldis

Nick Aldis

Ok, unlike Eli Drake and James Storm. I do not want Nick Aldis to come in just to fight AEW World Heavyweight Champion, Jon Moxley. No, this appearance will be focused on Cody and the beginnings of AEW. 

For those who might not remember, or hadn't put it together, AEW traces their lineage to All In, the independent pay per view created by Cody Rhodes and The Young Bucks. At this show, Cody defeated Aldis to win the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship.  This story would involve Aldis coming to AEW to claim that without him and his belt no one would be watching AEW right now. Aldis would demand a rematch against Cody, once again putting the title on the line. Unlike most of the entries on the list, I would book Cody to lose this match. Not only would losing the belt look bad for Aldis, but it would be horrible for NWA. Cody could recover from the loss and use it to fuel his desire to go after gold in AEW again. 

Allysin Kay


Unlike the other entries on this list, I think Allysin Kay should not only appear on AEW, I think she should sign with AEW. Kay has the resume, and the skill to elevate the women's division on AEW and I think she really has the opportunity to make herself one of the top stars of AEW. 

As a two-time Impact Knockouts Champion, a two-time Shine Wrestling Champion, and a former NWA women's champion, Kay would position herself as the woman to beat on AEW. She could have great matches with any number of the fantastic (but underutilized) women on AEW, including Shida, Britt Baker, Nyla Rose, etc. Fans have been saying for a while that the women's division needs a jump start, and I think that Allysin Kay is just the jolt of electricity that AEW needs. 

What do you think? Are there any other NWA wrestlers you'd like to see on Wednesday Nights? Let me know by tweeting at me @robbydeshazer

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