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Mick Foley Undergoes Surgery

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Mick Foley has finally undergone his hip surgery and seems to be in very good spirits as he tweets smiling pictures. He's been receiving guests, especially Buddy The Elf, who is, of course, Noelle Foley.


KB - I have to say that from the outside looking in, the Foley family has a great outlook on life, led by Mick and his love of both Santa Clause and Christmas. It always warms my heart to see them together. I also have to say that I'm glad to see that he's had his hip surgery. Watching the Attitude Era, each time he took a major bump, especially off the stage onto the cement on that hip (not even getting into the head shots here), I cringe. While I completely understand that he did it for the industry he loves, he's more than paying for it these days. This surgery and his weight loss will only help his mobility moving forward.

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