Former WCW/WWE Star, Bryan Clark & Buckinghams Keyboardist Arrested


Emmett Bryan Clark Jr. (55), Adam Bomb in WCW and WWE, was arrested on drug and weapon charges.  According to,  Clark faces charges of conspiracy, illegal control of enterprise, transporting/selling of narcotics, drug possession and possessing a weapon during a drug offense. The alleged acts occurred in January and April 2019.

Dennis Miccolis (73), who played the keyboards in 1960s pop band The Buckinghams was arrested alongside Clark for conspiracy, illegal control of enterprise and transporting/selling of narcotics.  

Adam Bomb Mug Shot

The two were arrested by the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office in Arizona this week.  The next court hearing for Clark and Miccolis was set for Feb. 19, 2020.

Clark is a 2-time WCW World Tag Team Champion.  Clark had wrestled under the names, Adam Bomb, Wrath & The Nightstalker in WWE, WCW & All Japan Pro Wrestling respectivley.   under the names Adam Bomb, Wrath and The Nightstalker.  He was let go from the WWE in 2001.

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