Former Writer Talks About Rejected Stephanie McMahon Storyline With Test


Take this with a grain of salt because it's Vince Russo but hey...

Apparently, Russo took offense to Triple H criticizing him for not knowing how to end storylines properly citing an amnesia storyline they did with Stephanie McMahon at WWE Rebellion back in 1999.

Russo said that he knew nothing about this amnesia angle and said he wasn't even still there at the time it happened. Furthermore, here is what he said about the original plans for the wedding angle with Stephanie and Test that actually ended up leading to her relationship beginning with Triple H:

"Ed [Ferrara] and I knew all along where we were going with the Stephanie-Test storyline," said Russo. "It was never in question. Our plan all along was for Test to stand her up at the altar. That was the plan, and we were going to make Test a heel. And Test was gonna have an issue with Shane, and the whole family. That's where we were going. We never wrote a story [that] we didn't know where the thing was going."

Russo claims that he was already in Atlanta for WCW when the Rebellion PPV took place.

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