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Former WWE Announcer Suffers With Brain Disease

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Former WWE announcer, Mike Adamle, 67, announced that he was diagnosed with dementia, and is in the end stages of chronic traumatic encephalopathy. CTE is a degenerative brain disease that was most likely caused by the numerous head shots he took and concussions he had through his years playing in football, which is also to blame for the epilepsy he fought for the past almost twenty years.

Before starting with the WWE, Adamle played football, in the NFL, with the Chiefs, Jets, and Bears. Adamle went on to work for the WWE in 2008, but his time with the company lasted less than six months.

While the CTE diagnosis is unconfirmed, CTE can only be positively identified after the patient has passed, Adamle is presenting with every one of the symptoms. These symptoms only partially including mood swings, rage, anxiety, and depression.

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