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Former WWE Official Comments On 2005's Royal Rumble Chaos

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On the latest edition of WrestleZone Radio, former WWE official Jimmy Korderas was a guest and commented on, among other things, the ending of the 2005 Royal Rumble and how much conflict and chaos it started. For those who may not have watched it or do not remember, Batista had been booked to win the match but both he and John Cena accidentally tumbled out at the same time, forcing Vince McMahon himself to come out and restart the match as a last-ditch attempt to fix his ending. Vince also ended up blowing both quadricep muscles as a result.

John Cena was supposed to be landing on the floor and Dave was going to be hanging on to the rope but it was just so… I can’t explain exactly what happened for Dave not to hook that top rope like he wanted to but it didn’t happen that way. When you watch the replay it’s incredible that they almost landed precisely at the same time. So just to make a long story short right off the bat referee Jack Doan goes over there to raise Dave’s hand claiming that Cena landed first. We get word in the back, “One of the Smackdown refs go over there and raise John Cena’s hand!” Charles (Robinson) looked at me and I looked at him so we ran over there and we raised his hand. Then we went back and forth. Here’s the part people don’t know. While this is all going on in our IFB’s (ear pieces) and we’re ringside the other referees are in the back at the Gorilla Position. Now they’re screaming at them to go find Teddy Long and Eric Bischoff, the respective GMs, because they wanted to shuttle them out there to argue as well. Then have the old, “Go in to over time!” Where these guys continue to see who wins. I don’t know where they were. Nobody could find them and that’s why Vince came out steaming hot. He charges to the ring and he went to stand up and started going down (pulling both his quads). I always bug Chad Patton about that. As Vince is going down he was the closest one to him and I say, “You could have caught the boss before he hit the ground. What did you back away for?

You can check out the episode here.

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