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Former WWE Writer Explains Why There Was No Mugshot Of Stephanie McMahon

Brie Bella vs. Stephanie McMahon

The phony mugshot of Vince McMahon that generated buzz after the “arrest” angle on last week’s episode of Monday Night Raw had some fans wondering why there wasn’t one for Stephanie McMahon. Former WWE creative team member Kevin Eck explained why they didn’t put out one of Stephanie during a similar arrest angle in 2014 in a blog post. Below is an excerpt:

I was among the WWE creative writers who discussed ideas with Vince regarding the episode in which Stephanie would get arrested, and I was the one who suggested that we take a mug shot of Stephanie and show it on the broadcast.

Vince loved it. In fact, I think I may have gotten one of his "that's good thinking" figurative pats on the back.

However, when the creative team ran the angle by Triple H, he didn't care for any of it, and he especially hated the mug shot idea.

His reasoning was that the faux mug shot of his wife would exist forever in cyberspace, and therefore if someone did a Google search on Stephanie and the photo popped up, people might think she had actually been arrested, which could be detrimental to her career as WWE's Chief Brand Officer.

CLICK HERE to read Eck’s latest in its entirety.

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