Former WWE Writer Reveals Perception Of Divas

Former WWE creative writer Kevin Eck is back with another compelling blog that provides further insight into the WWE mindset. In his piece, he takes a look at the Divas division and explains why they need more than in-ring time to truly be given a chance.

Eck’s case is simple - they need better storylines to give fans a reason to invest in them. He offered some fascinating insight into how Divas are perceived within the company.

Below is an excerpt:

”…During my time on the WWE creative team, we actually were told that there really are no babyfaces or heels in the Divas division. It was strongly implied that the Divas are all just a bunch of catty chicks, most of whom are mentally unstable.”

Eck goes back to the feud between Nikki and Brie Bella that ultimately resulted in Brie realigning with Nikki to help her win the WWE Divas Championship at Survivor Series with no explanation. He concluded it was a textbook example of uninspired and illogical storytelling.

Eck went on to offer a critique and explain how he would book Nikki Bella vs. Namoi at Extreme Rules on Sunday. You can read the piece in its entirety at the link below:

To Truly Give Divas a Chance, WWE Needs to Give Them Better Creative

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