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Fox To Present 22 Hours Of WWE, Including Ability To Watch WrestleMania 36 On Fox Sports App

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There is no secret that Fox is all in on WWE and WWE programming continues to deliver relatively good success despite not having a live crowd. You will also have an opportunity to purchase WrestleMania on the Fox Sports App this year for $59.95. Below is the schedule for all WWE programming this week on Fox products including the return of WWE Backstage.

Tuesday March 31- 2020 Royal Rumble 7pm (FS1)
Tuesday March 31- WWE Backstage 11pm (FS1)
Friday April 3rd- WWE Smackdown (Fox)
Saturday April 4th- Kickoff Show Part 1 WrestleMania 6pm (FS1)
Saturday April 4th- WrestleMania 7pm (Fox Sports App)
Sunday April 5th- Kickoff Show Part 2 WrestleMania 6pm (FS1)
Sunday April 5th- WrestleMania 7pm (Fox Sports App)

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