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Free Premium News Update: Backstage Reaction To No Mercy, Is John Cena Done?, What's Next For Brock?, Major Storyline in the Works

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There was a lot of criticism made, not only on the internet but also backstage in regards to the Cena/Roman finish. While everyone backstage knew weeks in advanced that Roman would go over, the finish itself was criticized.

The issue was not only that it made Roman look indestructible, which does not help his haters. There are many fans that already feel he is booked too strong. Roman kicking out of multiple Attitude Adjustments would have been one thing, but having Roman kick out of an AA, a top rope AA, and a double AA was enough to leave even the most loyal Roman fans uncomfortable. How did this happen? It was a simple matter of details falling through the cracks and piecing together multiple writers. The other huge issue with this booking was how it affected the main event. The main event saw Braun looking weak going under to a single F5. After a match with multiple false finishes, it was challenging and anti-climactic for Braun, this monster they built up, only to be ended with ONE F5. To further that rift, the main event was not good. Most fans wanted to see this crazy, hard-hitting match with destruction around ringside. Instead, they got some hard-hitting in-ring work that was sloppy at times. This by far was one of Braun's worst showings in a while and he was not given the opportunity in this type of match to succeed.

What’s next for Brock?

Brock is scheduled to take time off, however, it is yet to be determined if he will return at Survivor Series or in December. WWE used a ton of Brock’s dates the last few months thinking he would be taking 3 months off for a Jon Johns UFC super fight. With that off the table and Brock no longer fighting, they will need to conserve his dates. Brocks next feud is currently scheduled to be against Finn Balor.

Speaking of Finn, officials were very happy with the match he got out of Bray and was one of Bray's better matches in a long time. We will go back to Finn in a moment.

Tonight, on Raw MizTV will feature Roman Reigns and ultimately the reuniting of the Shield. As we reported in WNW Premium, this had been their plan since May. The original idea, and plan back in June, was for the Shield to feud with Finn and the Balor club at Survivor Series. Ultimately, in their original booking, it was to be Brock coming back to feud with Finn, while saving Roman for WrestleMania. Whether this is still their plan or not, who knows, at this point. However, the Shield will need someone to feud with and Raw is real weak on top heels and it would be a good way to elevate Finn. The major issue is the crowd. Will the crowd really buy a face Shield with Roman as the leader vs. a heel Balor Club lead by Finn? When this original idea was brought up their plan was to us the Wyatts and the Miztourage to build the 2 groups and at this point, it does not look like the Wyatts as a group will be happening.

-Jeff Hardy was being reevaluated today on his shoulder and his potential torn rotator cuff, we covered this on Saturday and we should have an update later today.

-Cesaro is also seeing a dentist and oral surgeon as not only was there teeth chipped, one was also pushing into his gum line. Cesaro, to his credit, being one of the toughest guys on their roster, wiped the blood away and finished working what was the match of the night.

-John Cena is NOT retiring he is moving into a full part time roll. While many feel he is doing this because of Hollywood the truth is Cena's body is a mess and he is hurting. The scheduled he has worked, the longevity of it have finally caught up. While, yes, Cena is going to be filming the Transformers spin-off movie, this was going to be done anyway. He will continue to do big programs here and there, however, his days on the road are drawing to an end. I would expect him back for Royal Rumble with spot appearances here and there.

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