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Fri. Update: What WWE Really Thinks Of CM Punk, Stay Away From Nancy Grace, Highlights From WWE Network Programming, Dixie Carter Trolls Daniel Bryan Fans, Manik Got Paid, Magnus' Reign Failed; Save Us EY?, TNA Returns

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WWE has one show in Saudi Arabia left on Saturday before returning back to the United States for next week's TVs. Raw will take place in Baltimore and Smackdown in Hershey. We have the schedule online at this link.

TNA Wrestling is on the road this weekend, as they're running shows in North Carolina. The lineup for both shows is posted here. Next week's Impact has already been taped and spoiled here and here.

This week's Smackdown airs tonight on SyFy. Make sure to join our Open Thread beginning at 7:30 PM EDT for streaming results and your discussion. We spoiled the show at this link.

WWE's shows in Saudi Arabia have been different because they've featured no women. Not in or out of the ring, as in not even in the audience. Sami Zayn popped the crowd when he spoke in Arabic and we heard Roman Reigns took a tough bump on Thursday. We have more (including photos) at this link. It's actually been a vacation for some talent.

- Everyone still wants to talk about CM Punk. The problem is there's nothing to talk about. Vince McMahon and Triple H know his status but they aren't talking and Punk isn't talking, so we don't know. He's under contract until July and I wouldn't count on hearing anything anytime soon. Look for Punk to follow his Chicago Blackhawks through the Stanley Cup Playoffs as they're defending champions. Currently down 0-1 to the St. Louis Blues.

- Do you know what WWE really thinks of Punk? Check the Post-it over his face in the Royal Rumble poster at this link.

- WWE wants their talent - current and former - to stay the hell away from Nancy Grace. I could have told them that. Does anyone not remember her coverage of the Benoit tragedy? If that wasn't enough for you to stop watching Nancy Grace, I'm not sure what is. I bet Dally regrets the playful pics.

- Darren Young is already rehabbing his torn ACL that he suffered on Saturday. He had surgery on Tuesday and is expected out 4-6 months.

- Readers questioning what rub Paul Heyman gets for Brock Lesnar ending the streak, stop over thinking things. The way Heyman has been booked in association with Lesnar is to help carry the rub Lesnar got for beating Undertaker. He's the short-term plan to help elevate Cesaro.

- There is interest in using Ric Flair in the reuniting of Evolution. I don't care if it happens or not, I'm just glad to see WWE put the faction back together. For once in what seems like forever, I'm intrigued at what's next for Batista and Randy Orton. Hunter's in the best shape of his life and this has prevented a post-Wrestlemania letdown.

- Magnus' reign as TNA Champion left a lot to be desired. Will Eric Young change that? Dixie Carter created the Yes Movement with EY. Huh? Just click the link.

- WWE NXT aired on WWE Network last night and Legends' House made its long-awaited premiere. We posted videos for you to watch at this link.

- In response to Jesse Nealsaying he makes more working for Walmart then he did working for TNA Wrestling, TJ Perkins, a/k/a Manik, says he was on pace for $75K-84K last year when he was working a lot of dates with TNA. Alex Barie has the coverage at this link.

- TNA creative. So many rumors, so much apathy. Is Vince Russo consulting Big or is it Eric Bischoff? Maybe it's just Hemme Powered after all. One thing's for sure, EB hates when people speculate.

- Austin Aries returned on this week's episode of Impact Wrestling, so did Kurt Angle. The latter has been added to the Sacrifice lineup.

- Jessie Godderz will be featured on ESPNU's new College Arm Wrestling Championship show next month. We have the press release for the show at this link.

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