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Friday Night SmackDown Live began with a recap of the Jey Uso versus Roman Reigns Universal title match at Clash of Champions last Sunday then the Big Dog himself Reigns entered the booming Thunderdome with the always brilliant Paul Heyman at his side and the title in his hand raised to show the WWE universe. Reigns conveyed his anger about Jey not calling him chief like he wanted during the match and Jey came out to confront him and Reigns then said the beatdown he gave Jey hurt him more than it hurt Jey and about how he loves Jey more than Jimmy Uso, Jey’s brother who threw in the towel Sunday for Jey. Reigns issued a challenge to Jey again but with raised stakes and as Reigns and Heyman left Jey accepted the challenge and any stakes involved. Reigns and Heyman exited and as one heel left AJ Styles entered and started talking to Jey about how Jey matters to Styles and how he doesn’t want to see Reigns beat him down again and how he should be the championship challenger instead of Jey and he pushed Jey so far that Jey attacked him and even took him out with a superman punch outside of the ring.

After a commercial break, an official match began between Jey and Styles with Styles controlling at the start. Jey was able to pull off the win and its hard to think what Styles will do next but it was obvious from the start of this segment it wasn’t going to be a rivalry with Roman Reigns at least not yet. 

Jey Uso (left) takes on AJ Styles (right) to start off the matches for this SmackDown episode

Jey Uso (left) takes on AJ Styles (right) to start off the matches for this SmackDown episode

The reigning Intercontinental champion Sami Zayn then graced all of our screens and was backstage in front of a trash can and he held the fans accountable for just accepting Hardy as champion and not defending Zayn's claim on the title when he took a leave of absence, so I guess I don’t count as a fan. Well the reigning champ threw title Hardy had during his short reign in the trash can and left with his real title as the undisputed Intercontinental champion.

John Morrison then entered the ring for a match against Otis for a match on this ongoing who will have the money in the bank contract feud. Otis then entered and an Otis promo accompanied his entrance to the ring where Otis said next week, he will represent himself in court in this lawsuit against Miz to decide the fate of the contract. It is important to add both Miz and Tucker were banned from ringside during this Otis and Morrison match. Otis flaunted his power constantly throwing and suplexing Johnny Drip Drip. Otis then delivered a caterpillar followed by a Vader bomb squashing Morrison. This was a shocker considering the talent of Morrison, but Otis has been booked extremely strong and it follows the storyline that Miz and Morrison’s only hope at one getting the contract is through less conventional means. 

Sasha Banks then was shown in attendance backstage still sporting her neck brace. After that quick look at Banks Sheamus and Shorty G entered the ring for more singles action and we were blessed during the Celtic Warrior Sheamus’ entrance by a promo from Big E who challenged his current rival Sheamus to a falls count anywhere match next week and I for one am very excited for these two to go out and compete but also excited for Big E to continue showing us what he can do as a singles competitor.

Owens from Monday night Raw was then shown preparing for a special edition of the KO show on Friday Night SmackDown with special guest Alexa Bliss, when on a screen behind him the firefly funhouse animated title shot was shown and glimpses of the fiend appeared as well…

Owens entered the ring for his special edition of the KO Show and welcomed Bliss and started questioning her about her recent change. Bliss said how people change and asked if he wanted to change and Owens continued questioning her to understand her dark changes and his reasoning was to understand the changes in his rival Aleister Black back on Raw which is definitely a great way to justify Owens Smackdown appearance. The discussion continued and Bliss kept going on about the changes and has been doing some amazing character work in the past few weeks and then the lights went out and Owens rose to his feet expecting Fiend to attack and attack he did in the returning red light as Bliss just stood watching her new idol use the dreaded mandible claw on Owens. Maybe after the draft and the Owens Black rivalry, Owens and the Fiend will end up on the same brand and feud which would be quite the rivalry. The Fiend then rose and offered his hand to Bliss who accepted and she turned to the camera smiling and we were blessed by a Fiend thrashing video for brief seconds and a let me in to lead us into commercial. This is definitely the content I need on smackdown especially in October!

The show resumed with a three versus three tag match between the SmackDown tag team champions Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura as well as Baron Corbin versus the team of Matt Riddle and Lucha House Party, specifically Lince Dorado and Gran Metalik but Kalisto was nowhere to be found and in an interview backstage with Lucha House Party and Fiddle, LHP announced Kalisto was busy backstage even slandering him a bit, looks like the trouble at the party is going to climax very soon. At the start though after some offense by Dorado, Kalisto entered questioning why they entered the ring and started without him. Chaos would ensue with very little rules enforced and Matt Riddle would end the match with a pin on his rival Corbin then Kalisto would go to raise Riddles hand and then Dorado pushed Kalisto angry at his former friend yet again taking credit for their efforts ending this segment.

Sasha Banks then entered the ring after a recap of her feud with Bayley but before the attention would be back on her the mystery woman vignettes returned and Carmella would officially reveal herself and she announced how she was done playing around and how she will now run things and be untouchable then was given a camera by someone maybe just an aid but maybe an unannounced manager then took a picture to end the video segment. Banks then would get the attention back on her and she issued a challenge to Bayley next Friday for the Smackdown Women’s Title and even took off her neck brace. 

Men’s singles action would then resume with Jeff Hardy challenging Sami Zayn for the Intercontinental Title. Early in the turnbuckle would be removed by the dastardly but brilliant heel Zayn. Zayn would take control after throwing Hardy into one of the barricades for a while. A slow count would later save Zayn and momentum would keep changing and a true war kept going on until Zayn would put the knees up on a Swanton Bomb finisher from the enigmatic Hardy which would lead to Zayn going for a Helluva Kick, Hardy would dodge leading to Zayn almost going head first into the exposed turnbuckle from early on. Some back and forth continued in that corner briefly until Zayn took the legs out on Hardy while he was on the top turnbuckle causing Hardy to take the exposed turnbuckle to his face. Zayn would finish it with a pin remaining champion.

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