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Friday Night Smackdown Recap 08/07/20

Friday Night Smackdown to me has always been the more entertaining show and from the Performance Center last night that statement still rings true! A lot of great story telling with twist and turns along the way, I’m going to try and decipher it for you!

Smackdown opened up exactly where it left off with Bray Wyatt, Alexa Bliss and Braun Strowman. This storyline gets deeper and deeper every week and I find myself at the edge of my seat waiting to see what is going to unfold next. We first see a recap of what has happened and that leads into a Firefly Funhouse. Wyatt isn’t too happy with people on social media blaming him for what happened to Bliss. He also informs us that ‘He’ will be on Smackdown later with someone. One can only assume it is Bliss to bait Strowman into coming out. Later in the evening, The Fiend does in fact show up and provides his full amazing entrance on network television! Holy crow, how great is that entrance? The only one that rivals that right now is Karrion Kross. Next, we see The Fiend in the ring with Bliss at the center; she is wearing the same clothes from last week that was perfect in a kidnapping situation. That little detail got me super excited for some reason. I would have liked to see Bliss’ hair and makeup a little skewed but you can’t get everything you ask for. The Fiend begins to stalk his prey again to lay the Mandible Claw on Bliss for the second time. Somehow he has a weakness though because Bliss pushes his hand out of the way and then caresses the side of his face ( I’m intrigued and slightly confused by this gesture. I don’t know where it’s going and also not sure if it will go anywhere but I know I want to find out. Immediately after this gesture, Strowman pops up on the big screen to deliver his best promo of his entire career. He drops a bombshell in there saying that he does not, I repeat DOES NOT, care about Bliss, it was always about Wyatt and taking him out! Ummm, that hurt my heart so much since there Mix Match Challenge work was amazing! He then goes on to state that he knew the Swamp Match was going to change him! It changed him into the meanest son of a bitch on the planet. Now, he feels he is fulfilling his prophecy of being the Monster and at Summerslam he is going to take out The Fiend. This match honestly cannot get here sooner! The Fiend against The Monster with this story telling is one of the best stories going at this time. I don’t know if I want this to be the end or for it to continue. I also wonder what this means for Bliss, does she align herself with The Fiend since Strowman has scorned her or does she stick beside The Monster due to their history? Time will tell and I secretly hope this feud continues to develop and not come to an end.

One of my favourites from NXT that has come up to Smackdown is Matt Riddle! He has not fallen into the ‘bad booking’ hole that you hear from social media that most NXT wrestlers get into. Tonight, we see him up against Sheamus, this match received ample time, was hard hitting and damn near close to PPV quality but it was ruined by Shorty G coming in and attacking Riddle. The silly King’s Ransom is still on G’s mind. G lays out a decent offense against Riddle but Riddle ends up the victor here laying out G and walking out with the win off of disqualification. Sheamus is livid about this interruption that G takes more punishment receiving 2 Brogue Kicks for good measure. Not a good night for G, I hope the ransom is worth this beat down. I’ve also not seen what the ransom will be so is he doing this for nothing; I wouldn’t put that past Baron Corbin at all. Backstage Corbin is talking with an interviewer about his match against Jeff Hardy later in the night. He is confronted by Sheamus who warns him that actions have consequences. The Corbin and Hardy match was great but Sheamus steps in and Brogue Kicks Hardy. This disqualifies Corbin and turn about is fair play. This altercation leads to a match between Sheamus and Corbin that was another great match. In comes Riddle with a kick to Corbin off the top rope while the referee was distracted. Sheamus pulls out the win here with the assist from Riddle. This story came full circle tonight and also sets up interesting feuds going forward. Riddle also has worked with some of the top veterans and talent on Smackdown so his stock is only going to keep soaring!

We have the return of The Dirt Sheet on Smackdown with The Miz and John Morrison as the hosts. During the segment there are mic issues again and they made reference to the new faction, Retribution. The guest on the show was Mandy Rose’s hair via satellite. The hair was a wig on a broomstick with googly eyes. I was howling, how funny! The voice of the hair was Miz and Morrison speaking in high pitch voices. I was highly entertained by this segment. Every show needs some comic relief and Miz and Morrison deliver it every week. I would also like to add that it appears they are enjoying themselves that makes the segments that much better. After, Mandy’s hair is done talking, Sonya Deville comes out to speak her mind about her heinous attack on Rose last week. Deville has zero remorse for what she did and doesn’t understand why Rose and the WWE Universe is so upset with her, she did what she said she was going to do, make Mandy as ugly on the outside as on the inside. Morrison made reference that she hasn’t posted a selfie on social media all week that leads more into the vanity angle. Deville says that her only claims to fame are bikini contests and winning a Bumpy Award for kissing Otis. This leads into Miz, Morrison and Deville throwing shade on Rose and Otis. Heavy Machinery have heard enough of this nonsense and rush out to break up the party. This week Otis was carrying the Money in the Bank briefcase so that is a good sign that they did not drop that story. The physicality of Heavy Machinery attacking Miz and Morrison leads to a match later in the evening actually becomes the main event. Backstage we see Otis very upset smashing some equipment backstage and Tucker trying to calm him down. He informs Kayla that he will get revenge on Miz and Morrison for what they said about Rose. They can make fun of him all they want since he is use to but you don’t make fun of the peach. During the main event, Deville walks out with Miz and Morrison, what a rub she is receiving lately walking out and aligning herself with a bunch of the top heels on the roster. The match has all the hits with Morrison doing his parkor moves, Otis delivers the caterpillar and Tucker does the cannonball off the apron onto Miz and Morrison. We don’t receive a definite ending though since Rose comes out to attack Deville. Rose is sporting her new shorter hair, which isn’t that much of a change in my opinion. I was hoping for more of a pixie style cut but I guess Deville didn’t snip that much off. Also, can we stop calling short hair on women the ‘soccer mom’ or the ‘karen’? Length of hair has nothing to do with the intensity of a person or the attitude that person has, I’m looking at you Corey Graves.

Couple quick mentions on the night were that Cesaro beat Lince Dorado and we receive a surprise appearance by Stephanie McMahon. McMahon was there to let Sasha Banks and Bayley know that they both will be defending their titles at Summerslam. Banks will be defending against possibly Asuka if she beats Bayley on Raw. McMahon dropped a bomb for who could go against Bayley since it is going to be Triple Brand Battle Royale, this means that it could be someone from Raw, Smackdown or NXT ( Very interested about where this may go.

Ok, here we go the last couple minutes of Smackdown were intense. So much happened that I know I will miss something ( Backstage Rose and Deville are still attacking each other then the lights go out. Michael Cole and Graves are confused by what is unfolding and then Cole screams it’s Retribution coming in through the timekeepers’ area and they have weapons. Retribution chases Cole and Graves out of the ring area. Cole was gone lightning fast while Graves almost gets his head taken off by a lead pipe. Next, they go after the cameraman ring side and chase him out. Retribution are causing chaos, ruckus and riot. No one is safe from Retribution; the crowd was next on the list where a couple of them were left laying and hurt. The antics did not end there, they flipped the announce table, pulled out spray paint and a chainsaw! I was full on afraid for what was going to happen next and I have no idea what happens on Raw or Smackdown now after this. If you would like to see more wrestling takes please follow me @ms_wiper and watch @puttinguover for great interviews and wrestling takes.

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