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Full Report Of The Rock vs. John Cena - Once In A Lifetime

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Wrestling News World reader Andrew Darwin reporting:

I've just watched The Rock-John Cena Once In A Lifetime special here in the UK it aired Sunday 12pm on Sky Sports.

The opening segment followed both of their lives with a soundtrack to the mania theme tunes and other tracks. The impression I got from both of them is they are living their dreams, are extremely grateful to be in the position they are in. As they both said, their lives are "one he'll of a ride".

We then seen Cena growing up, back at home in MA with his mum, and interviews with brothers, and WWE stars. Then the same for Rock. Slightly different childhood to Cena, who was shown to have 4 brothers, Rocky was an only challenge who travelled around with his dad and mum whilst his dad wrestled, it also showed him returning to Samoa in 2004. Then it showed Cena outside the ring, his promo for WWE, his make a wish work. Then back to Rock and his movie work.

The last segment looked at Cena v Rock at Mania. Talked about two men in their prime. A host of WWE stars talked about the match. Shawn Michaels called it "epic". Miz said Cena needs to win to "validate who says he is" whilst Shemus said Rock has to "prove to the world that he still has what it takes". Jericho finishes by saying it's going to be "one of the best Matches we've ever seen because it's destined to be that."

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