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Full Transcription Of Colt Cabana's Interview With CM Punk

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As noted here on, CM Punk was a guest on Colt Cabana'sArt of Wrestling podcast. During the interview, Punk gave a very detailed explanation about what led to his sudden departure in January 2014.

Below is a full transcript of what was discussed:

CM Punk: How long is this gonna be? How long do I have? This is a special episode.

Colt Cabana: So, here's the thing. If we do your business in twenty minutes, then it's twenty minutes.

CM Punk: Well this is not a twenty minute story!

Colt Cabana: If it's an hour and a half, then it's an hour and a half. And that's the beauty of it, we have created our own landscape and there is no eight segments tonight, Punk.

CM Punk: And that is why I'm using you as a platform to speak for the first time, which sounds weird. I feel like there's all this bizarre pressure on me. You had the idea, and I agree this is a pretty good idea because I don't want this to be a shoot interview. I'm sure someone would've paid me handsomely for this story, but that's not what it's about. Money is not about everything ladies and gentlemen. That will be a big theme in my story. I'm going to talk as openly as I wish to about the circumstances of me leaving WWE. And then, if anybody has any questions, based on that subject, we will set up an email?

Colt Cabana: Right, of course the theme of this podcast is about our lives. We had kinda been talking about like who knows if you ever want to talk, but there's so much going on and it's understandable that you are not exploding verbally on the world of how much frustration. You probably could've exploded and you were good about keeping it to yourself.

Punk briefly described why he "went dark on Twitter" and only tweeting about hockey. Cabana brought up that they weren't going to announce Punk was doing the interview until it happened. Cabana talked about fans being confused and they will address that next week with the email.


CM Punk: I don't honestly know where to begin because I could go back and probably start at when I re-signed. I was out the door and I had my mind made up I wasn't going to re-sign and I had a meeting with Vince. I wouldn't say he convinced me to re-sign, I would say I talked myself into giving it the old college try. And there's all these people that believe all these powerful words I say like 'change' and changing the place, and people constantly tweet me all the time saying "you know, you can't change the place from your couch in Chicago" and I absolutely disagree because that's exactly what I did.

It almost took me sitting on my couch to, not to change the place permanently no, but when I split in January, they changed everything. Part of me thinks they changed a lot of stuff to spite me, and that's fine because certain people who deserved certain things at a certain time got those things. It was something that I never got, and it was nice to see that. I don't want to sound like an old-timer, it's about telling my story. And I'm going to do it in a positive, non-bitter way as much as possible. News flash for you ladies and gentlemen, it's okay to be bitter about certain stuff and you have to eventually work your way through it and get over it, which is what I've done. But there are a few things that still get me to this day and they will probably come out.

I just don't want to sound like that bitter guy, that's why I don't want this to be a shoot interview. I don't want to be "hey let's just talk sh*t and bash WWE. You know, whenever they had me backed into a corner, I know I wasn't the easiest guy to deal with. I'm the happiest I've been in three years honestly. I've found these other things that have made me happy and I found that this thing that I thought I loved just made me miserable all the time. I was miserable, I was unhappy, so I made myself happy and left. That's what it boils down to. It wasn't an easy decision to make, but I think it's been a long time coming. This will probably come up in the next episode, but I was disgruntled with storylines and was banged up. I was mad that I wasn't in the main event of WrestleMania. I was mad I was wrestling Triple H. There's an element of truth in all of those things, but I can't say there was one big thing that led to my decision. The big thing that led to me decision was my health.


Colt Cabana: So little things like those have been affecting your career. Like little decisions like "Oh, this sucks. Oh, that sucks."

CM Punk: The whole thing's a fight. I'll give you a perfect example. I'm in Boston and I'm talking to Vince about re-signing and he says "If you do this, we'll give you this, we'll give you that. With this, he says fine you can have that." I had already been approached and you have to understand that my promo in Vegas was called the "pipe bomb" and I despise that word now because everyone refers to promos as pipe bombs now and it's very weird and maybe that's just how I should embrace that or own that too.

I'm talking to Vince and I tell him that since that promo, we've received more mainstream attention and everyone wanted to interview me and all this weird stuff. I had legitimate companies that approaching me and wanted give me money to sponsor me, like guys in UFC who get paid a ridiculous amount of money to walk around and promote these companies. I had a pretty big money deal on the table and I went to Vince saying "So yeah, there's going to be a new CM Punk." And I would like to have a new hair style and a new look so I was like maybe I'll switch to fight shorts so I can have these sponsors that are already in place and I had the idea so I wanted to do the sponsorship thing and I felt I deserved it. I got all these new eyes on the product. Vince said nope, no you can't do that. The sponsors for Raw would get mad and other wrestlers would get mad so I just let it go.

Brock Lesnar comes back a year later and the guy has sponsors and stuff and that's good, because Brock got that. Good for him. He had preexisting sponsors and that's part of his deal. I thought this was cutting-edge and it's going to be a new means of income for not just me, but for the boys! I was still in that mentality that I wanted to help everybody out and I didn't get it, but Brock gets out with any explanation from Vince. I go to him and say "Hey, that was my idea, I wanted to do that" and Vince just laughed it off and tried to blow smoke up your a**. What's the difference? Is the difference that he's a superstar and I'm not? Because if that's the case, then let me go. That's always what I said. I am exactly everything that say that I am. I just need the machine to get behind me. And then boom. I was the first guy to outsell John Cena in merchandise and no one has been able to do that since.

I'll give you another example. My friend Chael Sonnen is fighting in Chicago for UFC and they're totally cool with the idea, I'm going to walk him to the octagon and tomorrow's the Royal Rumble so get some last minute buys and whether or not Chael loses, no offence to him, but no one's going to be talking about Chael, they're going to be talking about the WWE Champion walking him to the octagon. And they said, "Oh my God, Phil, no we can't do that, that's barbaric. Somebody's gonna die." And then I reminded the asking "I don't know if you remember Owen Hart or not" because he sorta died in the ring. That's what he said, somebody is going to die in the octagon.

You know, that's such an opportunity for the company. It's more promotion, it's more eyes on the product. It's my hometown, the place would be going crazy for me, and he says no. Then the next week or so, Triple H walks Mayweather to the ring and I'm just like "Oh, okay, I'm learning my lesson, it's easier to not ask for permission and just do my own thing.


Colt Cabana: It just seems to be that this promotion, and I guess Vince McMahon in his stubborn ways, but is no one saying no to John Cena and the ideas he brings to the table, but is it everybody but him?

CM Punk: It's a very creatively stifling, toxic environment. Those are just two examples of two very cool things. I have been offered television shows, movies, the chance to do stunt work, a number of different outside projects, half of which I can't even remember right now because you just move on and I forget. And it's not just me, there's a handful of guys. I don't want to bash John Cena either, I like John. I haven't talked to him since I left, and I haven't talked to a lot of people since I've left. I've been offered things and I go to the office like a good little soldier and they tell me I can't do it and then two weeks later John Cena is doing it. The same exact thing! I'll give you an example.

This is internal, but it sets the tone. I was the champ and this was about two years ago this time. Triple H came up to me and said "Hey, the studios wants you in a movie" and I was like " Oh, cool, they're lame but it might give me some credit, something to work with and it's a new experience in case I want to pursue acting after my wrestling career." And I would get house shows off. And that was about the time I wanted house shows off because I tore my knee up in September working John Cena at Night of Champions. I put him in a lock and he tried to roll to get out of it and it just twisted my knee and twisted his ankle. So it's all set, the movie is 12 Rounds 2, I think, and I remember talking to you about it and you're like "No, don't do it, it's a John Cena movie" and the big thing was getting house shows off.

So I agree to do it and we're going back and forth, I'm signing papers and Hunter tells me the dates they are shooting the movie and that's during the European tour. I tried telling him it was during the tour and he just denied it. I said, "Hunter, it's always two weeks after WrestleMania and two weeks before Thanksgiving. Are you sure Vince doesn't want me on the tour?" At that time I was the champion and felt I needed to lead the locker room by example and I appeared everyone and I did everything John Cena did to put it in perspective. They just don't advertise it. I did as many Make-A-Wishes as John did, but they only talked about him.

So Hunter went and checked the schedule and the next day on the internet I see Randy Orton is starring in 12 Rounds 2. So I called Hunter and said "So, you couldn't have called me and told me" and he said "Well I tried getting them to switch the schedule, but they couldn't, so we went with the second option." That's just how they are.

Punk and Cabana briefly discussed the fans who want answers and the whiny fans on social media. Punk said pro wrestling is the most bipolar business in the world. Cabana brought up that it is about the money, but at the same time, Punk needs to be happy too. You want to work in a place where you are happy.

CM Punk: Exactly, that place should be a place where people are happy to work. They say to just go out there and have fun, but this place sucks and you're not paying me nearly enough to do this stuff.

Colt Cabana: So as you leave, you say it was mainly for your health.


CM Punk: Yeah, it was a big part of it. But also, I knew this Network was coming out and for months I was asking everybody "Hey, so WrestleMania is probably seventy bucks in HD and now you're selling it for $9.99?" I felt like I was the only one asking questions. And guys like Randy ask me, but I don't know either. I ask Vince and he just laughs as I ask "Well don't you think you should figure it out before I work that pay-per-view so you can pay me accordingly?" And if you ask questions, you get punished. You get taken off the pay-per-view, off of Raw, off the house shows, and not making any money.

WWE doesn't so anything to protect the wrestlers, they just do things to protect themselves. That sounds really harsh, and like I said earlier, I don't want to sound bitter towards the company, but they don't let anybody know they are doing these fantastic things for concussions for the boys. The NFL has so much going on with concussions and stuff and Vince doesn't want to do that. I got a concussion in the Royal Rumble and it's pretty obvious, I knew I had one, everyone knew I had one. I took this test while texting you and "passed" with flying colors. They then wanted me to run the ropes because they still thought I had a concussion. So I said your test is worthless? I was doing this weird stubborn thing where I wanted to work because if I didn't, then I'd get punished.

I never had a break. That was the thing with the movie. I was working hurt and having weekends off would've been great because I wasn't throwing myself at the ground. I was beat up and already needed a knee surgery at that point, but I was the champion so I had to keep going. I told Vince I needed this knee fixed and would do it after I dropped the title to The Rock. And I was still trying to convince Vince that dropping the title to Rock wasn't the right thing to do. Even if I did that, a three-way with me, John, and Rock at WrestleMania was the way to go. Or let me keep the title and I wrestle Undertaker.

Punk talked about an elbow injury after WrestleMania 26 and having surgery after the European tour. He was back on the road after four days because Vince wanted him to cut promos and Punk wanted to to stay on top. He had laser eye surgery and then had to work the Raw when Nexus debuted and ended up getting poked in the eye. It seemed there never was a place for him in the company.

Colt Cabana: Do you think that was because you were an asshole to a lot of people that worked there?

CM Punk: Well there's like twenty-six writers and you don't know who they are and they've never been in an actual fight their entire life. If you make them mad, then they don't write stuff for you. I wasn't even hot at that time, I was doing SES stuff and that got squandered away. Shouldn't they be trying to make money with everybody? Not just one person?

Colt Cabana: So you went on as champion with the Harley Race style?

CM Punk: Yeah, I asked Vince if we should ride this until Mania or drop the title to Rock and do a three-way. It's all about who you're working next. But that's the thing with that place, they have no forward for anybody. They only worry about what's next for Cena. I didn't want to turn heel. Vince said Rock's coming back and he wants to work a bad guy. You're the champ so either turn heel or drop the title to Daniel Bryan. I would like to work Rock, so I turned even though my checks will get cut in half with merchandise. Vince said "You do this for me and I'll owe you one." So I said sweet, WrestleMania main event.

I turned heel and that's when I started getting beat up a lot. I constantly asked Vince about the plans for WrestleMania and was told they were going with the rematch between Cena and The Rock and I was just like that's going to be awful, how about we do this. I said it could be elimination and I could get pinned in five minutes. I would be able to move on and say hey, I was in the main event of WrestleMania. No, The Undertaker needs someone to work with and I think you're the guy to do it. Okay, but what happens after that? He said "I don't know, what do you want to do?" I'm guessing people don't often get asked "what do you want to do?" but Vince said they wanted to put a heater with me.


I was the one who came up with the idea of The Shield. They wanted a heel stable and had Big Show penciled in as the heater, which I didn't think was a good idea. They said they wanted Daniel Bryan in it, and I said we should be kept apart and then together when needed like Bret and Shawn. So they wanted Big Show, Daniel Bryan, and Seth Rollins. They wanted a guy from FCW so I pitched the idea of bringing up three guys from FCW instead of using two on the main roster. I took the idea to Vince and Hunter and they agreed and Vince asked me who I had in mind. I said Ambrose, Rollins, Chris Hero. Hunter shot down Hero and they wanted Leakee a.k.a. Roman Reigns.

The idea was they would be my group, things changed and they like to take other people's ideas, make it theirs and then tout how awesome it was. It became Triple H's idea and they ran with it at the pay-per-view. I was going to work Undertaker at WrestleMania and then program with The Shield, but things changed and I lost to Taker and there wasn't a plan.


So I dropped the title to The Rock. I don't even know if I want to cover the Ryback stuff, that took twenty years off of my life. Cena got hurt and they asked me to work with that guy and I was thrilled to have to wrestle "steroid guy." One time, he kicked me in my stomach and broke my ribs and never apologized.

I had the knee surgery and then had a call from Vince saying I was booked in two or three weeks to work Ryback in a TLC Match on Raw. My time frame to be back was about four to six weeks. I called him back the next night and said when I drop this belt I need time off. I dropped the title and did the rematch and it's time for Mania. I said I was out after this. They told me I was going to be the hottest heel after that, but I didn't understand. I wrestled Taker with a chip on my shoulder because I knew it would be better than Rock and Cena. I stole the show and this time it was different because they said it should've gone last. I didn't get paid what I should've either. I tore up my other knee in that match and bruised my knee really bad. At that time, that was the only way to get time off. I had two months off.

I was going to Hawks games and they won the World Cup when I went back to work. I looked at my bank account and I knew I was set. They should be asking why this guy who is here week in and week out put over these part-timers who aren't here but a few times a year and then continue to put over other guys so they look good.


I was driving and told Joey Mercury I was going to developmental to test my knee out. Vince ended up calling me and said he wanted me to work Payback in June against Jericho because it was in Chicago. I didn't want to return until SummerSlam. He had plans laid out for the rest of the summer where I work Money in the Bank and then I go under to Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam. I have to put over all these part-timers and maintain my main event status by working TV and house shows. Tell Brock to work the house shows. My hang up was the WrestleMania main event. I go over Jericho, great. I work against Paul Heyman and go under to Lesnar and steal the show. There's no way they can deny me after three or four years. I work Lesnar and then they wanted me to work against Ryback. I said no, but Vince still tried to sell me on it. I wanted to help elevate Curtis Axel.

I agree to work Ryback. I go up to him and we have a clean slate and let's turn this midcard stuff into main event stuff. The first night out, Ryback hits a gorilla press through a table and he misses the table. Dumps me on the concrete and it messes me up for weeks. My knees are still messed up. Now it's at the point where I ask him if he was doing it on purpose but it keeps happening. I was kicked hard on SmackDown against Ryback, I was speared hard once by Roman Reigns and I feel like I can't work out. I now feel the worst I've ever felt in my career. I work a match against Luke Harper and got hit by something and I get a concussion. During the European tour, I was dry heaving every night after every match or puking. I can't sleep or work out. They z-pack me to death and I end up crapping my pants during a SmackDown taping. I sent out a tweet about it and I get told to delete it because I used the word 'sh*t.' I blocked WWE on Twitter after that.

I'm getting all this stuff checked out with MRI's and CT scans because I'm messed up. Vince now owes me three times and my checks are shrinking. You're asking me to work all these shows even though you know I'm hurt? I complained about my Mania pay. I should be compensated for my match. I should not get paid any less than Taker, Brock, Hunter, Rock, or Cena but I know I got paid less than all of those guys. WrestleMania is the draw, not The Rock. They twist and bend the narrative. They didn't want to tell me about my pay.


Somewhere along the way I find this lump on my back. I go to the doc and I ask about it. He called it a fatty acid and he asked if it hurt, I said no but it wasn't there last week. So they tell me they aren't going to do anything. It gets bigger. Does it hurt, no. They can cut it out, I've seen it done several times but they were worried because I had a match that night. What is preventing you guys from cutting this out? I get no answer, whatever. My theory is he's lazy. I have a concussion and I take these z-packs. They give me a stronger antibiotic and it made me sick for three weeks. WrestleMania season rolls around and I know Batista is coming back and the plan is to do Batista vs. Randy Orton in the main event.

It made me feel like that kid when we were on the road going to IWA and I was thinking I could impress them at the Rumble and make them realize that Batista vs. Orton will be a stinker of a main event. By that time the thing on my back was huge and purple and it hurt. I was always aware of it because my tights went right across it. It was so big that I felt if I bumped on it, it would burst. The doc said he would cut it, but I'm working the Rumble tonight so he was putting me on more antibiotics. I told him I've been on antibiotics since November! So I work the Rumble and I enter at number one and I wrestle until the end.

I wasn't thrilled about wrestling Kane. Don't get me wrong, I love wrestling Glen. It's easy. But I wanted to do something new. That Rusev guy, he was scared to death of me and I said pick me up and do something out there. None of these guys care about you and you have to make your moment count. Star wise, I'll be the biggest guy in the ring. Kofi Kingston, he came in and did his roll in and he clotheslined me and it's concussion city. I told doc I had a concussion. Next thing I know, the ref says Kane is coming out and pulling you out early. I didn't like it but it happened and I go to the back. I want this thing on my back out, I have a concussion, I'm miserable. I drive to Cleveland and they want me to take their concussion test and a drug test. The plans were back and forth and I didn't want to do this anymore.


I pulled Vince into a room and I told Hunter to stay as well because he needed to hear this. I looked Vince straight in the eye and I said I do not love this anymore. I'm sick. I'm hurt. I'm confused. As a business, I don't know what we are doing anymore. Every day you tell me this is a team effort, but every day it's a only an effort from me to find what's necessary to come here. It's not fun. I have zero passion for this. I'm concussed, I'm hurt and all you care about is when my segment is and when I'll pee in this cup. I told them it was a terrible mistake to bring back Batista as a babyface.

Dave was cool with all of it because I talked to Dave about it. There was something about the drug test. Hunter said "Well you know, Dave just took the same drug test you did" and I looked and Hunter and said "Did you?" And he had nothing to say. I said look Vince, when I re-signed three years ago that I said if I couldn't be all that I could be to fire me and if I was a fraud and fell less than the mark, get rid of me. I sold more merchandise then Cena and was told you owe me for turning heel. I went under to all these guys and you said you owe me one. I did all these things and I wanted was the main event of WrestleMania. And it's fine if you don't think that is me and I'm not that caliber of a superstar, then fire me. I do not want to be here or be anything less. I will go somewhere else and get more over because I know I can. You have shackled me, you have creatively stifled me, this is a toxic environment and I no longer want to be here.

I said it boggles my mind how Daniel Bryan has now figured his way into the main event plans for WrestleMania because this is his year. Just like three years ago was my year when I was white hot just like he is now and what did you do? You fed me to this guy and I pointed right at Hunter. Vince said this was the concussion talking and he couldn't believe I was saying that. "It is a main event, you're wrestling Triple H." I turned to Hunter an said "With all due respect, I do not need to wrestle you, you need to wrestle me. I do not want to wrestle you. I seriously resent you for not putting me over three years ago when you should have. That would've been best for business but you had to come in and squash it. Then I had to lose to R-Truth and Miz like it didn't make any business sense then, it doesn't make any business sense now."

"And I'm in a position now where I can tell you I don't have to nor do I want to wrestle you at WrestleMania." I don't care if I was supposed to win, which I was, but I didn't care. I didn't want to give him the privilege. Do you understand that? I said a lot of sh*t in there and again Hunter was gritting his teeth. I knew he didn't like me. When we are in a room together, it's never good vibes. Always negative and he always looks sideways at me and for instance, a simple courtesy call "Hey, that is the European tour, we are going to do the movie and have Randy do it." But he thought he didn't have to do that because I was a piece of sh*t.

Colt Cabana: You tried to convince me when you were white hot after your first match, you tried to convince yourself, that this guy coming out of retirement and beating you and then going back into retirement-

CM Punk: He did that didn't he? It was his first match back and then he went away again just to stop me. Hunter told me, "You know Punk, you were in the best match at WrestleMania last year and that was the main event." And I was like "I'm not stupid, the main event is the last match. You can push it to people who buy the pay-per-view that there's four main events, but there's one main event, there's always been one main event. And I deserved it. I still deserve it. But now Daniel Bryan deserves it. And you think you're just going to give it to Batista and Randy?" I made this argument you know when you look at the roster, how many active members on the roster have been in the main event? How do you get better?

NHL hockey players have to play with NHL hockey players to get better. I needed the experience of main eventing WrestleMania with someone with equal or greater experience so I could learn and become a further asset to the product so I could draw more instead of being told I wasn't a draw. Well I wouldn't know, how about you give me a shot? I knocked it out of the park, ran, caught the ball myself and then shoved it down their throats to remind them yes, I am all that, and then some and more. What it boiled down to was an old, out-of-touch man's decision. "No this is going to the greatest main event of all time." And then they wound up changing it and I was stoked that Daniel Bryan got his main event. They can never take that away from him, ever. Whether they want to make fun of him or not. Hunter told me I was in the main event against The Undertaker. I turned to him and said "Tell me I got paid the same amount of money as you, Brock, Cena, Rock, or whoever." Once again, he had nothing to say. Alright, I'm out of here. Vince, with tears in his eyes, stood up and we reluctantly hugged. Hunter put his hand out, I shook it and said, "Goodbye," and I walked out.

I am an independent contractor, I could've walked whenever I wanted. I didn't walk out in the middle of a program or anything. Kane vs. Punk wasn't advertised for the next pay-per-view. And this is where the story gets good. A week after I left, I get a text from Vince. "How ya feeling pal? Ready to come back to work?" I told him no. My mind is still shocked, I can't sleep. My lovely wife convinced me to go to her doctor in Tampa. I walk in and I've never met this guy before. I yank my shorts down and show him this thing on my back. He doesn't touch it, he just looks at it and goes "That's a full blown staph infection." I just laughed and asked him what he was going to do.

He cut it, popped it and sh*t went all over the ceiling and I was given antibiotics. I've had so many injuries and this was the most painful thing in my entire life, it hurt so bad. I sweat like I was in the Sahara desert, I clutched table and the doc was just squeezing this stuff. He patched it up and gave me three months worth of antibiotics. I've been working with this for three months and doc told me I should be dead or I could've died.


I finally get a lot of sleep. Vince texts me and says I'm suspended. "I wish you could've lasted until the end of your contract, but you're suspended for two months." I did the math and it's the day after Mania that my suspension is up. Alright, so I'm missing Mania, whatever, I don't care. I hate wrestling at this point. The two months is up and I don't here anything. I had to listen to Vince on a conference call announce that I was on a sabbatical. Huh, why wouldn't you tell your investors that I'm suspended? And then I don't get my royalty checks. I had some stuff going on with my mail, but a week later, it's still not here. So I'm downstairs cleaning out bins from my bus and I found a royalty check from last year that I forgot to cash. I find this check and I don't know what to do. I call the bank and have them reissue me this check and send me my royalty check because I haven't gotten it yet.

I call the name of this guy on the check, his name is Tom. I say, "Hey, it's Phil Brooks." His teeth started chattering. I told him I found this check and asked him to email me a number and reissue the check. And it got complicated and and I told them they couldn't just withhold my money. I get a lawyer's number and I call Tom and the lawyer everyday and nobody picks up the phone. Nobody responds to my messages. They aren't sending me any checks. I was leaving a lot of money on the table but I was happy and not stressed up. That's what my sanity and my health meant to me.

I had "butt dials" and "butt texts" from Mark Carrano and Jane. I talk to Jane and I don't hear back until a week later and she says she'll get back to me, which she didn't. She doesn't call me nor do I get any checks. I'm getting married, the Hawks are in the playoffs. I put that on the back burner and I'm working on my honeymoon plans. Two days before my wedding, I get a text from Hunter. He asks if I have time to talk. I'm a little mad because it's the eleventh of June. I'm like yeah I'm a reasonable guy, I'll talk. I'm getting married and I tell him I'll call him the day I get back from my honeymoon. I tell him to reissue me the royalty check and he doesn't respond to the text. My wedding day rolls around and I get this FedEx package. It was my termination papers, I was fired. So take that everyone who thinks I'm a "quitter." I was fired on my wedding day.

The letter said I was terminated, I won't get my royalty checks, and I was in breach of contract on January 27th. I needed time off and they wouldn't give it to me. There was a no-compete for UFC even though they aren't competition. I called a vicious lawyer from LA and I give him the details. I got everything I wanted and then some. And the whole video game thing was just stupid. They did all this wacky stuff where they asked me if I wanted to issue a joint statement and I turned that down. They tried to get me to sign something where we do not speak negatively about each other. I haven't spoken to them. If you tell the fans that you fired me instead of telling them I quit, then maybe I would. WWE claimed I was going to TNA and my lawyer told them I wasn't ever wrestling again. There's no working relationship and there never will be.

Punk said he wishes there were unions for the boys and girls. There should be something for concussions like in the NFL. We are independent contractors. "I'm out. I'm super stoked and I'm doing stuff that makes me happy. I'm writing comic books, I'm training, I'm married and that's all that matters." Punk and Cabana talked about Batista doing MMA and enjoying it and how Punk will be doing whatever he wants and working with Marvel.

CM Punk: I failed at wrestling. I failed to be in the main event of WrestleMania. That match with Taker was better than anything on the show. I had people from Kevin Dunn to Vince telling me that it was so great it should've gone on last.

They wrapped up by talking about taking pictures with fans at hockey games and a situation a while back with a rude fan. It was mentioned Punk will be back next week to answer questions.

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